We Love Resources: Back to SchoolA change of season is upon us, and for the kids that can only mean one thing: back to school. Naturally, ads have been encouraging us to buy the latest tablet (or notebook…remember those?) and dive into education apps for good measure.

A recent article, How To Select The Best Educational Apps As Kids Go Back To School (Make Use of) has some great hints and tips to guide you through the ‘app jungle.’ The focus of the presented apps is mostly K-12 and iOS, although you will be able to find some of these for Android, too. Google Play plans to launch its own app-finder, Google Play for Education, this fall.

We here at Saylor.org would like to present some of our favorite apps from our Saylor University courses. All of these apps come from the developer WAGmob, and are available on multiple platforms. 

  • Computer Science: This app gives you snack-sized chapters that will make the seemingly complicated concepts of networking, algorithms, and many others easy to digest. Use this app for our CS402 Computer Communications and Networks course to make learning a breeze.
  • Management Information Systems: Need some help in business management? This app has some great chapters for you complete, with colorful images, and the ability to share your thoughts on Facebook. Learning BUS206 should be a cinch with this app!
  • Psychology 101: Last but certainly not least this app gives you a step-by-step guide to acing Freud, and keeping yourself motivated the whole time. Use it for your PSYCH101/-EXC courses!

Thoughts? Got any apps up your sleeve that make your learning easy and fun? Know any free apps that makes that anatomy course a breeze? Please feel free to spread the word and comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

Photo Credit: juhansonin via photopin CC BY 2.0