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SXSWedu (not to mention the wider SXSW festival ecosystem) is a must-have conference pit stop for Spring 2014. K20 educators, entrepreneurs, policy folk and nonprofit reps will convene March 3-6 to make, hack and chat up the latest in the education space…and that’s where we come in.

We’re throwing our hats in the proverbial ring that is the SXSW Panel Picker with our friends from MERLOT, Fishtree and Mountain Heights Academy to talk Real World OER and maximizing the impact “true open” can have for school systems, educators, entrepreneurs and students.

And this, friends, is where you come in. The Panel Picker is open to the masses August 19 – September 6 and your vote can help us get on the bill for SXSWedu. In three steps you can:

1. Read the description of our panel below

2. Register to vote here

3. Cast your vote here!

Real World OER Panel Description
OER is still on the fringes for all but the savviest of educators. Without wider understanding of its distinctive benefits and potential to solve a litany of educational problems, we all miss out. Educators, administrators and school districts stand to gain time, money, and student achievement with greater understanding of OER. Beyond understanding what OER is, greater understanding of how to use it to maximize time and results is in order.

In this session, we want to have a conversation about the impact of OER in offline and online pedagogy. How do we allow cross-pollination of OER resources to be mutually beneficial to all stakeholders?

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PS – Please excuse the 90s throwback pun, I just can’t help myself!