Thought we’d complete your Saturday afternoon with extra knowledge.  We promise we’re even more entertaining than a 22-hour non-filibuster.

What we’ve been up to:

Making Friends — Bellevue University is our newest credit-pathway partner. Check out their offerings, especially a course to help you develop a portfolio you can submit to earn Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.

Textbooks for the 21st Century — Net-Texts (another digital chum of ours) has released a suite of digital textbooks designed to help teachers incorporate open materials in their classrooms.

New K-12 Courses —  When we weren’t socializing, we released our K-12 courses in English/Language Arts 8 and Advanced Statistics 12 on iTunesU.

Ed news you can use:

Shop class will never be the same

World Maker Faire – NYC — We have a special place in our hearts for DIYers of the physical realm.  Wish we were there this year (playing with 3-D printers counts as research… really!).  It wasn’t all about the toys however, as many advocated “making” as a tool to teach STEM in an engaging way.

Schools of Thought

More Schools Join the “Say Yes to Education” Collective (USA Today) — Way to work together to improve education outcomes.

The Generation Flux College Degree (Fast Company) — Credentials versus college.

Is A Liberal Arts Degree Still Worth It? (HuffPo) — John Ebersole, president of our partner school Excelsior College, has more on the continuing debate regarding the cost/benefit of liberal arts degrees.

MIT President: Better, More Affordable Colleges Start Online (Time)– L. Rafael Reif’s (President, MIT) thoughts on the promise and precautions ahead for tech in higher ed.

This Year’s SAT Scores Are Out, and They are Grim (The Atlantic) — If SAT’s could give out a grade for this cohort’s college-preparedness, it might be scrawled in red.  Yeesh.  Read more about how we can help our students prepare.


Photo Credit: Telerik Academy via photopin CC-BY-SA 2.0