medium_253412963Since we know you are busy working during the week rather than being distracted by the internet, and we are busy working being distracted by the internet, we’ve created a recap for you of what’s been on our mind this week.

Opening the doors at Learningpod
We, along with Kaplan Test Prep, OpenStax College, Manhattan Prep, the National Assessment of Educational Progress and Council on Economic Education, are among the founding contributors to Learningpod, a free and open practice test question database.  Test your skills in our POLSC231 quiz on the site.

ePortfolio Makeover
Inspired by New York Fashion Week (okay, not really) we’ve decided to spruce up the ePortfolio. Check out the improved course catalog, which we hope enhances the student experience.

Freelance Skills to Pay the Bills
Freelance without finance is a nuisance.  Take a look at some resources to keep contracts coming in to your company of one.

Skepticism in Education
Away with exams and rankings!

Walk around our Neighborhood…
Although we know we are you favorite source of free ed, we aren’t the only game in town. Check out some of our peer institutions to get your knowledge on.

The Smartest Kids
…can’t belong to everyone (though Grandma will lovingly disagree).

Make, Mix, and Modify for Money
Washington State educators have the chance to adapt existing OER to the classroom for grants up to $25,000.  Get mixing.

Happy weekend, stay smart, and we hope you enjoyed some bit-sized learning! (See what we did there?)

Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin CC BY 2.0