iTunes U HIST212

Calling all students, especially history buffs!

Interested in gaining some insight on over 150 years of American history? Want to learn about the major social, political and economic changes of the second half of U.S. history for free? Then shout, “Victory!” (and maybe even do a happy dance), because our HIST212: Introduction to U.S. History: Reconstruction to the Present is now available on iTunes U.

We’ve brought together a wide variety of resources to help you learn to:

  • identify the objectives of presidential and congressional Reconstruction following the Civil War and assess the impact of Reconstruction on Caucasian and African-American residents of the American South;
  • describe how and why America became involved in World War I and assess the impact of American involvement on the postwar peace settlement;
  • analyze and interpret primary source documents from the nineteenth through the twenty-first century using historical research methods, and so much more.

Not on iOS? Take HIST212 on, and let us know what you think.