’s K12 learning has officially gone mobile! And what couldn’t be a better way to start off than by launching 2 courses at once? That’s right! K12ELA008 English Language Arts 8 and K12MATH014 Advanced Statistics are now available on our Saylor channel on iTunes U!

The Course Deets:

    • K12ELA008 - V2K12ELA008: This Common Core aligned course is geared towards eighth grade students in English Language Arts and includes readings from Harriet Ann Jacobs, Kurt Vonnegut and Ernest Shackleton! These authors and more will help you learn many things! Including how to: evaluate similar themes in literary works of different genres; Use reading comprehension strategies to acquire new information; and write original texts by following the steps of the writing process.

    • K12MATH013K12MATH014: This Advanced Placement style course is geared towards high school students that are interested in preparing for the College Board AP® exam. This course will fully prepare you to rock that exam (or just simply brush the dust off them rusty skills) by teaching you to: create and interpret graphs and charts as a means of summarizing and communicating data meaningfully; summarize and interpret the relationship between two quantitative or two qualitative variables; and use and assess the appropriateness of the measures of center and measures of spread in comparing distributions.

These courses are jam-packed with lots of great resources and lessons! Some of these features have even been blogworthy!
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Not on iOS Don’t worry! These courses aren’t going anywhere! Catch them in their original versions at!

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