MMD: Voices in Ed.Good evening and happy Monday! This week, we take a look at voices speaking out in the world of education. Foreign Languages, cloud computing, and higher education changes in Rwanda are our top stories today.

We begin this week with the last item. Due to the small number of universities in Rwanda, and their overall high cost, only 6.6% of the country’s students are able to attend university (World Bank). Sponsored by nonprofit Generation Rwanda, Kelper has come to the rescue. Based in Kigali and free of cost, this new institution will educate students by combining open resources, “online content from Western universities, on-site classroom instruction, and an associate degree from Southern New Hampshire University’s competency-based program, College for America.” Read more about the goals of this low-cost learning model, and its desire for others to emulate it, at the link below.
Rwandan Degree Program Aims for a ‘University in a Box’ (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

The Language Shift (Education Week)
Marty Abbott, head of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), wonders, “What is it about the United States that we remain the only developed country that routinely graduates students from high school with the knowledge of only one language?” Read along as he explores the “language shift” that is taking place in US education.

Education in America: Make foreign languages mandatory in schools (All Voices)
For a slightly stronger voice on the same topic, this article poses a different view. Points include: the reason behind the worldview of the ‘Ugly American;’ the Validity of ‘language confusion;’ and the impact brought on by budget cuts.

Cloud Computing Jeopardizes Student Privacy, Report Warns (Education Week)
Last, but certainly not least, this article from Education Week, explains the dangers of cloud computing. As educational resources and associated student data move to the cloud, students’ privacy could be in jeopardy. What seems to be the problem? EW points to unsuitable privacy policies, poor consent policies, commercial data mining, and shady contracts among the chief issues.

Have a great week! In other news…
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‘Academic Hostages’ Languish at Greece’s Beleaguered Universities (Chronicle of Higher Ed.)

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