Who says money and OER can’t mix? To encourage adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER), the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has announced an Open Educational Resources Grant Competition for educators/districts to develop and implement projects to use OER in curricula.

The competition is the second phase of Washington state legislation to create a library of K-12 OER resources aligned to the Common Core State Standards for state districts to use.  Previously, OSPI had reviewed several OER packages, including units of our K12-American Literature course, to assess potential for Common Core compliance and use in state schools.

The grant program is accepting project proposals from Washington educators, schools and districts in one of three areas:

  • OER Adaptation- projects focus on adapting existing OER to Common Core Standards.
  • OER Implementation- projects focus on incorporating OER into classroom learning.
  • OER Development- projects focus on creating OER in subject areas that have a resource deficit.

OSPI will announce the grant during a webinar:

Thursday, September 19, 3:30pm-4:30pm (Pacific Time)
Register/Join here

OER project proposals are limited is $25,000, and must be submitted through OSPI’s iGrant application system. A detailed program summary is available here.

Finally, as a (mostly) shameless plug for us, Saylor.org courses are curated and developed OER for use by both educators and students alike. The items we submitted for review, which include an Algebra course and units from an ELA11 course, were under development at the time and have since been improved and fully developed, incorporating reviewer feedback.  Be sure to check our resources out if you decide to compete, and good luck!

Photo Credit: AMagill via photopin CC BY 2.0