Brand Influence Models the Spread of EdTech

“Teaching twenty students at a time will soon make as much sense as growing food in your backyard.”
— Michael J. Saylor

Michael J. Saylor presenting a keynote at the Saylor Foundation's Digital Education Conference 2013

Michael Saylor at the Saylor Foundation’s Digital Education Conference in April 2013.

If the proliferation of brands like Coca-Cola, Google, and Apple are any indication, the next wave of education will spread via the billion-person network, according to our trustee and CEO of MicroStrategyMichael J. Saylor, during his remarks at the Capital E-xchange kick-off event on October 15, in Washington, DC.

Citing many points from his book The Mobile Wave, Saylor stated that the diffusion of inexpensive mobile devices, partnered with the availability of free WiFi and high-quality content, could lay the foundation for driving the cost of education effectively to zero (sound familiar?).

At the same time, corporate, government, and individual acceptance of secure electronic personal identification methods will make it easier to perform many online education functions such as testing and credentialing. Joining schools, nonprofits and government organizations, brands such as LinkedIn are working on packaging education and credentials for their communities, which speaks to the growing interest in and acceptance of online learning as a valid, valuable pursuit.

Note: video of the event will be posted when available.

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