Panorama of Cardiff Bay, Cardiff by Wikimedia user WikiLaurent
Photo credit: Cardiff Bay Panorama by WikiLaurent | CC BY-SA

Although we can’t be everywhere (and, sadly, we won’t be here in Cardiff), we do try to talk about good things happening around the world, where you might be. If you’re in the UK or willing to travel, mark your calendar for this year’s EduWiki Conference — and if you’re not nearby, get in touch with the good folks at Wikimedia UK to find out how you can contribute to and learn from the EduWiki Conference, or get in touch with your nearest Wikimedia chapter to find our what’s happening in your area. Besides, this might be your best chance to meet Captain Jack Harkness and get your own tour of Torchwood (bring a pizza).

A message from Dr. Toni Sant, with all the details, is below — but for the tl;dr crowd, here’s the gist:

What: EduWiki Conference 2013, a place to “discover opportunities; report lessons learned; and explore how the free, open, learner-centred ethos of Wikimedia overlaps current trends in formal education.”
When: November 1-2, 2013
Where: Cardiff Bay, UK
Why: Because you’re interested in any of the following (source):

  • Plagiarism and the “Wikipedia problem”
  • Open resources and open practice
  • Learners as producers
  • Design and assessment of on-wiki assignments
  • Digital literacy and wiki-literacy
  • Wikipedia for younger audiences
  • Learning analytics
  • Open education and open access to research
  • Language education and writing skills

We all use Wikipedia when we learn. The relationship between the world’s largest encyclopaedia and education runs much deeper than this. Wikimedia UK, a charity supporting Wikipedia and its sister projects, invites you to its second annual EduWiki Conference being held on 1st-2nd November 2013 in Cardiff Bay, UK. This two-day event will be looking at Wikipedia and related projects in terms of educational practice including open content and global participation. It’s a chance to find out more about this, talk about innovative work in your institution or online community, and shape the future of Wikimedia UK’s exciting work in this area!

The conference will be of interest to students, teachers, educators, scholarly society members, contributors to Wikipedia and other open education projects.

We will explore the ways in which these projects can support innovative education, and discuss the Wikipedia Education Program (in which university students improve Wikipedia articles for course credit). We will learn from universities around the UK where aspects of the programme are already embedded, exploring the educational opportunities and drawing lessons from the experience so far.

For further details please visit or register now at

We are able to offer a reduced conference fee of £30 to staff at educational institutions, as well as active Wikimedians. A day rate of £20 is also available. This fee covers lunch and daytime refreshments.

We hope you can join us in our efforts to continue building promising partnerships between Wikimedia and the Education sector.

Many thanks,

Dr Toni Sant
[email protected]
Education Organiser
Wikimedia UK