Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, combining the ages-old tradition of an Autumn harvest festival with the ages-old good habit of remembering a sense of gratitude, of wonder, of kindness, of hope.

In keeping with the family-and-friends tradition of recounting things for which we are grateful, we put together our “Thanksgiving Special” episode of the Shorts series, sharing what some of our staff are thankful for this holiday.

We would be remiss, however, if we did not first say that we at the Saylor Foundation are grateful to you…to all of you. To our students, who remind us daily why we get up, clock in, and do our work; to our many friends in the education and open communities, who inspire and challenge us; to our educators, who lend their hard-won expertise for the benefit of everyone; to our contributors and partners, whose belief in sharing makes so much of this possible; and, certainly, to our staff, both in D.C. and farther afield.

Have an outstanding week, whoever and wherever you are…and thank you.

Photo credit: Micky** via photopin CC BY 2.0

2 thoughts on “Happy (American) Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for…

  1. I’m very grateful for the chance Saylor is offering me–to complete my college education not only for free, but also as being part of a friendly and helpful community.

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