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Between March 15 and August 30, we are inviting up to one hundred students to earn up to four college credits for free. (Nothing; nada; zip; zero; zilch.)

Through a pilot program in partnership with SUNY Empire State College, students can submit Saylor Academy coursework for portfolio evaluation and potential credit under the Global Learning Qualifications Framework.

The basic requirements:

You do not have to be a enrolled at SUNY Empire; if you are accepted into the pilot program you will be considered a non-matriculating student, although you can certainly apply for regular admission. If your portfolio assessment is successful, you will be able to obtain an official transcript reflecting your earned credits.

10 thoughts on “Students wanted for pilot program: 4 credits for free from SUNY Empire State College

  1. There are 8 domains from the Global Learning Qualification Framework portfolio that I need to complete. If I, by previous learning and from watching video and textbook. passed all the courses by taking the final exam , there are really not much to answer to those 8 domains. So my question is: If I am not able to complete all the domains, will I still be awarded credits?

    1. I believe that it is not necessary that each point of each of the domains be directly met; rather the GLQF supplies a complete set of standards to cover the various dimensions and depth of learning.

      The completed Saylor.org university-level final exam is a pre-requisite for entrance into the program, but the actual portfolio guidelines are provided by SUNY ESC upon acceptance in the pilot program.

    1. The Global Learning Qualifications Framework (GLQF) is probably better described by Empire State College themselves: http://www.esc.edu/degree-planning-academic-review/prior-learning-assessment/student-guide/global-learning-qualifications-framework/

      Primarily SUNY Empire State College will decide how the GLQF applies to your portfolio assessment, but generally speaking, the GLQF is a set of guidelines or dimensions for evaluating your work. I believe it is not necessary that every single piece of the GLQF be met; rather the GLQF acts as standards by which to judge the completeness and effectiveness of your learning.

      If interested, I encourage you to apply for this pilot through ESC’s website in order to determine more concretely what they will require as evidence of high-quality learning.

  2. Program is great .
    Congratulations Saylor
    But you have to make things more simpler
    Procedures are so complex perople just would escape .
    I wish edx.org also provide degrees .
    But this is an example to them .
    Best regards

    1. A more simple approach will arrive soon, in a couple of ways. First, we will unveil a new tech platform for some of our courses shortly; second, we will work to make “how to start” a bit more clear!

  3. Just found out about this…sounds great and I will be looking into it. Thanks for this information.

    1. Hello Orville – this program is open to everyone who has completed a Saylor course, so you do not have to be a U.S. citizen or located in the U.S. We hope you apply!

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