Our Education Project Manager Lindsay Murphy talks with Jonathan Haber in his latest Degree of Freedom podcast. You can listen here (or download the .mp3). Lindsay talks about the strengths and weaknesses of our courses, our college credit initiatives, and how we aim to improve both the student experience and student outcomes in 2014.

The next step is really distribution….We can certainly reach more people.

Jonathan is well-known for his ambitious (and successful) one-year bachelor’s degree equivalent experiment. He continues to prolifically communicate his findings, including a review of our free Existentialist Philosophy course.

The podcast is a good length, and stick around after the end of Lindsay’s interview at ten-minute mark for an audio essay from Jonathan on autodidacticism and many, many questions worth asking about MOOCs.

2 thoughts on “Latest Degree of Freedom podcast features Saylor Academy

  1. Jonathan is always good value and it’s nice to see Saylor getting some attention. I have to say that his comments about PHIL304 were somewhat warmer during the interview than in his postings at the time!

    1. A good example of why dialogue is the foundation of good relations between people and nations! I valued, of course, his more critical written observations — in my life as a consumer, I tend to value a product or service more highly if I know its limitations (and even defects) clearly.

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