In early February, Josh at Lit for Brains set himself a challenge: study for — and pass — two credit-bearing exams at Excelsior College (a Saylor Academy partner) in just sixty days.

How did he do? You will have to read Josh’s account to find out…but would we be sharing this if the news were awful? Josh also presents some important critiques for one of our courses; we would be remiss if we did not say that we are listening and we are grateful for the honest feedback.

Josh’s assessment of the Saylor Academy back in February does ease the sting a bit; we are, in his words:

One of my favorite educational sites in the world.

Before you go, see Josh in a Skype conversation we had back in 2012…he is the first one up:

2 thoughts on “Two courses, six credits, sixty days…success?

    1. Josh, I was going to send this post to you, but obviously you have great alerts in place. You, sir, are a master of the Web.

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