On Saturday, 8 November 2014, Saylor Academy will be performing maintenance on a number of our servers and systems between 8:00 PM and 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5); systems affected will include our main site, our sign-in system, our test center (school.saylor.org), our ePortfolio, and our forums.

We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to start or finish exams during that timeframe. You may experience disruptions to service at any point, and we cannot guarantee that anything submitted to our sites will be saved.

There is no risk to any information or submitted before the 8:00 PM start of the maintenance window.

Photo Credit: Modified (cropped) from MichaelLawton via photopin CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

2 thoughts on “Site Maintenance Saturday, November 7

  1. And there was a maintenance for that?!…

    Let’s see: how does a complete newcomer to Saylor find out there are any Majors offered? Unless s/he accesses the FAQ and even then it is not clear what are those “Majors” and how they compare with real Majors! There’s nothing on the front page indicating Saylor offers this specific possibility of a full program! Respect for the people! Bah, why do I even bother trying to explain?…

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