Friends, we live in times when Black Friday starts on Thursday and runs through Cyber Monday…which then runs through the rest of the week. With that in mind, let us begin by confirming that, to our way of thinking, #GivingTuesday starts and ends today.

And on this just-once-a-year Tuesday, we ask of you this: if you can, and if you wish, make a donation to Saylor Academy.

We are a small shop, accustomed to supplementing our budget with our personal time, dedication, and a lot of elbow grease — which means that even your very modest contribution makes a meaningful difference.

Folks occasionally admonish us: there is no such thing as a free education! Everything costs someone something! They are right, of course. What we have created here, what hundreds of thousands have benefitted from, did not come cheap by most definitions, and our students invest considerable time, energy, and hope into their work. But, if we may gently say so, we think those folks reminding us of the “no free lunches” rule might be missing the point.

We provide learning at no cost and with no restriction to those who want it and those who need it. That is our gift to our students, freely given. We provide opportunities for college students to finish their degrees and save a few bucks in the process, so they can start their professional lives with less debt, or continue their careers while reserving precious resources of time and money for their families and communities.

When we say “free”, we do not mean that no one pays; everyone pays, whether with time, talent, money, belt-tightening, you name it. But if we can help keep more money in your pocket and more time in your calendar while you pursue the learning you are after, well, we are happy to do it. Over and above what you have already invested in Saylor Academy, you do not owe us a thing.

All we ask is that you consider protecting your investment with a contribution to our organization that will help keep free education free — for anyone who wants it and for everyone who needs it.