We held our first proper “office hours” Hangout on Air on Wednesday with staff representing the education, technology, and community facets of our foundation.

Watch the video below and scroll down for the outline of what we covered.

Stay tuned for our next office hours, subject TBD, which will be shorter, more focused, and easier for us to pull off the second time around!

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What we covered:

Education (Nathan Thompson)

  • Saylor-supported vs. community-supported courses
  • Rationale for separation of the courses
  • Future and future homes for the two sets of courses (Moodle, GitHub/Jekyll-based webpages)
  • Introduction of Accredible certificates

Technology (John Azinheira)

  • GitHub as a forkable repository of general course content
  • Presentation of community-supported courses on Jekyll-based webpages
  • Updates on consolidation of and improvements to our overall technology infrastructure
  • Greater hosting of resources and the never-ending battle against link-rot

Community (Sean Connor)

  • Switching from the old forums (bbPress) to the new forums (Discourse) and reasons why
  • Likely scenarios for keeping older forums contributions alive
  • Migrating/improving course discussion prompts
  • Forums as a primary, organic community with emerging structure

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