Let your networks see what you have worked hard to achieve

You may know LinkedIn as a professional social network and a place to share your resume, but it is also a place to display your Saylor Academy certificates with links back to content and verification details to allow anyone to connect you to your learning.

Your Accredible certificate details on your LinkedIn profile at the click of a button

All new Saylor Academy certificates completed via learn.saylor.org (the new platform for our courses, currently in “public beta”) provide a convenient, one-click solution to add your certificate to you LinkedIn profile. When you view your certificate at the Accredible website, one of the sharing options is a friendly blue button that allows you to display the key details and a link to your public certificate right on your LinkedIn professional profile.


Accredible - add certificate to LinkedIn profile Add certificate to LinkedIn

Speaking of friendly blue buttons, maybe now is a good time to invite you to follow Saylor Academy?
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Now show off ALL your Saylor Academy certificates

The ability to display your learning achievements is not limited to new Saylor Academy certificates, however (or even just to Saylor Academy). You can add any or all of your existing certificates to your profile by repeating a few simple steps. To add a previous certificate or certification, log in to your LinkedIn account, visit the profile editor page, and follow these steps:

1. If you have not already done so, add the Certifications section to your profile — click on “View  More” just below the words “Add a section to your profile“.

LinkedIn Add Section

2. Click on “Add certificate” — a button will appear when you move the mouse to the top-right corner of the Certifications section. There is also a button at the bottom of the section.

LinkedIn Add Certificate button

3. A blank form should appear, inviting you to add some details; we advise the following:

  • Certification Name – the name of the course for which you received the certificate
  • Certification Authority – Saylor Academy; once you have typed a few letters, you should see our company page suggested. Click on this to complete this field
  • License Number – existing certificates all have unique verification codes that can be checked against your name, course, and date at school.saylor.org
  • Certification URL – you could use school.saylor.org if you wish to focus on verification of the certificate or the course URL if you wish for people to be able to easily examine the course itself
  • Date(s) – Start and end dates (month, year) for the certificate’s validity. Our certificates do not have defined expiration dates.

LinkedIn Certificate Information - emptyLinkedIn Auto FillLinkedIn Certificate Information - filled

4. When you are satisfied, click “Save”. You have a brand-new certificate listed on your LinkedIn profile! If you made a mistake or wish to change anything, move your mouse over the certificate information when you are logged in and editing your profile.

LinkedIn - Saylor Academy company page popup

That’s it! Immediately below is a Certifications profile section that is displaying both old (school.saylor.org) and new (learn.saylor.org) certificates. By default, new entries go to the bottom, but if you move your mouse over the left edge of any entry, you will be able to drag that entry to whatever position you wish.

LinkedIn Certificates list

Screenshots by Saylor Academy of: certificate of achievement – Accredible; all other images – LinkedIn

12 thoughts on “Show off your Saylor Academy certificates on LinkedIn

  1. This is awesome. The connection to LinkedIn along w/ the verifiable data makes these certificates that much more valuable, IMO. Well done, Saylor.

  2. Okay I’m making the decision to bow out at this point. It’s too complicated now, and I am frankly lost. I tried Accredible and decided I didn’t want to do that, looked like too much effort, and much too confusing. Next I found I could not log into the new forum, no matter what I did. Now it seems my certificates have actually disappeared. It always was difficult to surf to the download pages, particularly if you have covered a lot of courses, but now even the ones I can find, display NOTHING at all when I click the button to view the certificates they are either just not there, or I am not enrolled on the course so they don’t exist. I’ve put a lot of hours into this, and feel extremely disappointed at this point. Until now I’ve been a big fan of Saylor, I used the site when I was recovering from injuries, and even told friends and colleagues about the site and learning opportunities. Thanks for the courses, I don’t have the certificates (now) but that’s okay.


    David Wilson.

    1. Hi David, your decision is always and absolutely respected. “Disappointed” is a tough word to hear, but valid, and I am sorry that we have caused that through multiple overlapping changes.

      A few responses that may help you to get what you need, though:

      • The certificates problem (whereby claiming or viewing your certificate did not work) should be resolved. That bug bit us, too. The having to re-enroll piece is still a stumbling block, however.
      • The new forums, unfortunately, have a wholly separate login, which was a deliberate choice; first, to enable anonymous user handles, and second, because the structure of our user database was not going to play nicely with Discourse at all — our sandboxed attempt to migrate users was not at all successful and our database skills are not up to the task.
      • I think that Accredible certificates, in the end, will be simpler and more immediately accessible. We are working with them currently to actually bundle some certificates and respond to the long-overdue need to recognized majors and other chunks of courses.

      Things are definitely a bit confusing right now, and we do know it. Some of our big priorities right now include upgrading existing certificates to Accredible certs and finding a good solution for the current certs database so that verification codes will stay valid — that will allow us to spin down the existing testing center within a few months. We are also going to firmly distinguish between the legacy and fully-supported courses on our website, but also in eportfolio and elsewhere. That should simplify things a lot for new students.

      I will follow up as well by email!

  3. Hello,
    I think this is a great opportunity for people such as me wondering for long time, how to demonstrate my achievements by Saylor academy.
    i am convinced pretty much to start a serious course offered at the academy .
    thank you,

  4. This sounds like a good idea, but I have no idea how to actually access my certificate. I foolishly didn’t claim it immediately after finishing the course and now there seems to be no way of finding it. Help! I watched the little video, but it says click on “my courses” and that’s not even an option, so I fall at the first hurdle. I would like my certificate – can you help?

    1. We’re shifting between “old” moodle and “new” moodle; an Accredible certificate is not yet available for past-issued certs from school.saylor.org (although we hope to make this possible).

      In the mean time, if logged-in at school.saylor.org, you should be able to claim your original certificate directly from this link: https://school.saylor.org/mod/certificate/view.php?id=1909

  5. I am happy about the change! The verifiable certificates are very important, especially, for those pursuing job opportunities and career advancement.
    I further suggest there should be created a Margin at the left or right side of the certificate in which the course unit outline are listed as topics covered. For example; if one does Project Management; the following covered topics are highlighted at the Margin;
    The course covered (Major topics or units):
    1-Introduction to Project Mgt
    2-Project phases and Organisation
    3-Communication technologies
    4-Formulation and Implementation
    5-Project Time Management
    6-Project cost Management
    7-Project quality Management
    8-Project Procurement and Closure
    9-Monitoring and Evaluation
    10-Post Evaluation Management
    Plus the final grade scored in the exams/assignment.
    This would show a more detailed, and comprehensively what has been covered by the student during the course.
    Thank you.
    Okot Stephen

  6. And, if needed, i can draft the format of what i am trying to put here in writing.
    But hope, this gives a picture of what can be done at the Margin of the course certificate.
    Okot Stephen

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