In the midst of our announced changes yesterday, another big change was taking place behind the scenes: after a brief sojourn in lovely Arlington, Virginia, we are returning “home” to beautiful Washington, DC.

This means little to those outside our offices besides the fact that our address has changed:

Yesterday Today
Saylor Academy
2200 Wilson Blvd.
Suite 850
Arlington, VA 22201
Saylor Academy
1875 Connecticut Ave NW
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20009

We begin anew the process of finding the various places on our sites that we have put the Arlington address. In the meantime, should you need to send us a postcard (or a transcript request), please use the Washington, DC address.

Here is the last active workstation, courtesy of a tethered cell phone:

The last active workstation in the old offices


Our July 2014 moving post is equally dull, if you’re interested!