Next in our series of Saylor stories, Anam Rehman shares how his learning with Saylor Academy feeds right back into his job.

Anam - Adamjee Life AcademyI was required by my employer to take three courses from Saylor Academy, Professional Etiquette, Time and Stress Management, and Customer Service.

By going through the course content, I was able to gain knowledge and a good understanding of various concepts presented in the courses, as well as an opportunity to explore further in those areas.

These courses assisted me in my personal development, making me aware of the kinds of problems we face in our daily routine and how best can we handle them.

Each course presented sections to read, exercises to take and assessments to test retention of knowledge, but more importantly, a time advisory was included for each activity, which allowed me to plan my learning experience accordingly.

Learning is at its best when it can be applied as well, so I am already applying what I have learned. Learning and gaining knowledge, as always, has been a “Happy Learning and Development!” experience.

Anam Rehman
Senior Officer Internal Audit
Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited, Pakistan

Photo courtesy Adamjee Life

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10 thoughts on “Saylor Academy Stories – Anam

  1. Dear Anam,

    Thanks for modeling the way. It’s great to see your dedication towards your personal development and career.

    Kind regards, Fred. de Beer, CEO Adamjee Life.

  2. I Have enrolled in marketing course .
    Is giving a free of cost certificate or a degree???
    I have done my first assessment and got 8. Something
    I really want to learn and earn a degree for my bright future.
    Please tell how it is possible???

    1. Hello Ambreen! I think we have connected by email, but for the sake of all who might read this — as a non-accredited organization, we do not grant degrees, but our certificates are free of cost and useful for many purposes. We have students who use certificates to augment their resume or c.v., use certs to support application to a degree program (by covering prerequisites, for example), etc.

      Lots of information here:

      1. I got a certificate but I have a little bit confusion about it.
        The saylor academy give me a certificate but there is no signature alike adamjee life academy students certificates.
        How can I prove its a verified certicate when I’ll go for the job and show my resume…
        Please tell me …

        1. Hi Ambreen,

          For the AL certificates, there is actually a blank space where the signature would go — the CEO will sign it, trusting that the employee has indeed earned that certificate.

          For both our older- and newer-style certificates, there is a unique certificate number that allows someone to match that certificate to a name. With the newer-style certificates, you can upload additional evidence that will help to prove that you are the person who earned and controls that certificate.

          At the moment, other than for proctored exams, we do not have additional identity verification measures in place (like for Coursera or edX verified certificates).

          I can see where the presence of a signature on the certificate could ease an employer’s mind, but it would not make our certificates any more secure or verified. With the Accredible certificates, one cannot really create a “fake” online version, so employers can be assured that Saylor Academy definitely issued the cert. We also hope that people will make use of the evidence items option to create additional confidence for employers, etc.

          With all that said, we are considering having identity-verified certificates, which would require students to take additional steps and would likely carry a small fee — these would be an addition to our regular certificates and not a replacement, however.

  3. Dear Mr. Beer,

    Thanks to you for your encouragement and appreciation. It is always important to continue learning and development in order to improve and this partnership of Adamjee Life with Saylor Academy is a step in this very direction.

    Thank you.

    Anam Rehman

    1. Hi Ambreen,

      We do not have the facilities for printing and mailing certificates, unfortunately, but certainly welcome students to obtain a hard copy through a local print shop (although the quality of the print could be a concern). We also encourage people to mention certificates on their resumes — although we are not accredited, our courses represent effort put into informal learning, which looks great to employers!

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