Next in our series of Adamjee Life staff stories, Haider Murtaza reminds us that, in business, relationships are crucial — and Saylor Academy courses provide tools to negotiate and maintain strong connections.

Adamjee Life Academy - HaiderSaylor Academy online courses are a blessing for working individuals, as they have a wide variety of online courses more or less covering everything.

As we are responsible for maintaining relationships on a daily basis, I found Negotiations and Conflict management course reading material very interesting and helpful at the same time. We have to constantly negotiate and get rid of any conflicts there are or any that might arise in our daily routine.

Saylor Academy has made our lives comfortable as we can choose an online course which best suits a team member’s requirements and the instant assessment helps in personal growth.

We appreciate Saylor Academy and are thankful to Adamjee Life management for making it a part of our work life.

Haider Murtaza
Regional Head Bancassurance Central
Adamjee Life Assurance Company Limited

Photo courtesy Adamjee Life

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