We beg the indulgence of our readers based outside of the United States, and especially of our dear, dear friends in Great Britain, but…

So…the Fourth of July! Fireworks! That song playing over and over and over again on the radio! (If you know which one we mean, you know which one we mean. If you don’t, we envy you.) We’re taking a break today to build up energy for tomorrow’s fêtes.

Join in on the party with one of the ideas below — or come up with your own and let us know how it goes!

Fun: Independence Day, John Adams & Apple Pie
As a special treat, our very own Mike B. hosts a “Saylor Tangents” video that uses history to inform the critical question, “Should we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th [or July 3rd, if the 4th falls on a Saturday; or July 5th, if the 4th falls on a Sunday; or all week if it falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday]?” Four minutes and fourteen seconds of your life that you won’t get back are just a click away!

Saylor Tangents: Mike B.
Quick: The Declaration of Independence
We may revere the Constitution more (hence the use of the definite article and that capital letter for a pretty generic noun), but we squabble over the Declaration of Independence much less, which is good for that “unity” thing. It’s also much more fun to read: it’s as if a hard-core lit major wrote an angry resignation email to the boss and then “accidentally” CC’ed the whole company. We can all laugh about it now, of course.

Declaration of Independence
Serious: POLSC232: American Government
Dive right into this college-level political science course to learn about the origins, practices, and principles of U.S. governance.

United States Capitol Building

Images: Archives.gov (Declaration of Independence) – public domain; Twentieth Century Fox, via Giphy (Independence Day); Pixabay (Capitol) – CC0