Saylor Academy is more than a collection of courses; we are a growing community of learners from all around the world, wonderfully diverse but united by the desire to learn — for school, for work, and for the sheer joy of it.

We love to hear from students and to be able to share stories from our community, just like these:

Saylor Academy Student Quotes

You can read more like this on our Stories page, where we also invite you to share your own thoughts with us and with your fellow students. As a nonprofit organization, we depend on our community to help us tell our whole story and extend the circle of learning opportunities to more and more people. What inspiration you may find we encourage you to pay forward to your fellow students and students-yet-to-be.

Share your story with our community

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4 thoughts on “Stories from our students

  1. has been changed a lot. I learning through Saylor from beginning. The changes that made in Saylor.Org has made me very limited access to read my desired subjects. I want to say that earlier version of was very excellent for open source education. In earlier version I have accesses to semester vise subjects with all theoretical and practical knowledge in any subject but latest has reduced these accesses for me. Made me very less interesting through I will be happy if earlier semester vise University Degree Courses were included in Saylor.Org Thank you for such excellent opportunities open source education platform.

    1. Yes, you have been with us for a long time! We liked the complete set of courses, too — it was a hard decision to set so many aside. We do not have plans to bring them back, unfortunately. Thanks for your kind words and also for your concerns — you are not alone in your opinion.

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