Skillsmart logoSkillSmart and Saylor Academy are partnering to accelerate skills-based learning and employment opportunities. Together, SkillSmart’s skills matching algorithm and Saylor Academy’s cost-effective training platform will streamline the pathway from education to employment for job seekers.

Ninety percent of employers believe that graduates lack the skills they need, while nearly 50 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed and saddled with significant debt, according to recent reports from the Hay Group and the New York Federal Reserve. Recognizing that matching skills to employment opportunities yields the most successful workforce outcomes, SkillSmart will direct job seekers to Saylor Academy for courses and training opportunities that build the skillsets needed for specific job opportunities. The students of Saylor Academy will use the SkillSmart platform to identify and apply to employment opportunities relevant to the skills and credentials they’ve earned.

“We’re happy to introduce this new partnership with Saylor Academy; it enables job seekers using SkillSmart to more easily find valuable courses at virtually no cost,” said Mike Knapp, CEO of SkillSmart. “Together we will continue to address the workforce skills gap and create a more talented workforce.”

SkillSmart is committed to empowering individuals and employers to maximize their potential by identifying and matching the skills necessary for success. Saylor Academy is dedicated to maintaining open access to learning opportunities while reducing the cost of training and education that provide requisite credentials for the workforce.

The SkillSmart/Saylor Academy partnership has begun benefiting both employers and job seekers in the greater National Harbor, MD region. Currently, several job openings at MGM Resorts National Harbor, hosted on the SkillSmart platform, require skills that can be obtained via Saylor Academy’s courses in business, finance, accounting and human resources.

“Through this partnership, job seekers will be able to develop the skills that are in demand through Saylor Academy, and our students will be able to match to viable employment opportunities,” said Jeff Davidson, Director of Strategic Relationships for Saylor Academy. “Open Education Resources like our courses can be deployed to address skills gaps in many sectors, we just need employers and funders to come together to make it happen,” he added.

Users can log on or create a SkillSmart profile at to review open opportunities and available training.