Announcing Saylor Academy Diploma tracks

Back in April, we unveiled the new look for our course certificates and teased a new kind of certificate that has long been an open secret in our discussion forums.

Around the office and in community discussions, we have been calling them “meta-certificates” or “bundled certificates”, but today we introduce them as Saylor Academy Diplomas — and they have already begun rolling out to students’ inboxes. Here is an example of our Diploma in Customer Service (click the image to view the live certificate):

Customer Service Diploma

These diplomas are awarded automatically for completing a defined series of courses. By representing several completed courses in one concise digital document, these diplomas help to tell a big story in a small space — very useful when vying for an employer’s limited attention!

As with all certificates from our partner Accredible, you can easily add evidence items to your diplomas, share them with your networks, and display them on LinkedIn. (Need to get a list of your certificates? Here’s how.)

Here are the diplomas that you can earn as of today:

Business Administration Core Program

All of: BUS103, BUS105, ECON101, ECON102, BUS202, BUS203, BUS204, BUS205, BUS206, BUS208, BUS209, BUS210, BUS501
Any 5 of: BUS300, BUS301, BUS303, BUS305, BUS401, BUS402, BUS403

Minor in Computer Science

All of: CS101, CS102, OR CS107; CS201; CS406; MA101
Any 3 (one must be 400-level) of: CS301, CS302, CS303, CS304, CS305, CS401, CS402, CS403, CS404, CS405, CS408, CS409, CS410, CS412

Customer Service Certification Program

All of: PRDV002, PRDV003, PRDV004, CUST104, CUST105

A big thank-you goes out to our student community and to our partner Accredible; together, their persistence and hard work have made these diplomas possible!

We are still tinkering, naturally. In the near future, expect to see linked information pages for the diplomas and additional diploma programs.

We would love to hear your take! What diploma tracks would you like to see? What information should your diploma show to those you share it with?

Images: banner made with Canva; certificate Accredible & Saylor Academy

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  1. Jaaaayyyyy!!!! As we Dutch say: De aanhouder wint. Google it hahaha!!!

    Many thanks and credit to Saylor for my Eng Lit diploma. Don't have to show it, looks just like the one above, beautiful hahaha!!!

    Maybe when I'm ready, there will already be ones for the 39. You people really came through!!!!! Really, you don't know what this means to me. A redemption for the poor choices in my young life.

    When I've completed the whole study, I am going to write a masterpiece of prose that will change the world as we know it! Hold on to your socks, people! The future looks promising.

    :tada::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada::tada: :birthday::gift:

  2. @seanconnor

    Are you planning to document what the Diplomas represent? The information about the old Core/Major/Minor routes is not easily available.

    Another question on the same topic: is the issuance of Diplomas based on the legacy courses and structure ongoing or is a once-only process? While students can no longer gain certificates for the legacy courses, it may still be possible to complete a Diploma if the outstanding courses are still supported. I have to declare an interest as I am in exactly that position; I need only to complete a couple of still supported courses to finish off the Psychology Major!

    EDIT>> I've obviously not been keeping up with my emails as I see I have already been awarded the Psychology Major. From that I assume that the 'Major' Diploma relates only to the specialisation and excludes the Gen Ed which was a requirement under the old 'Areas of Study' as shown in the eportfolio.

    Apologies to those who have joined us in the last year to whom most of this must seem a little arcane!

  3. Yes, the first is true -- the gen ed track is happy to count shared courses as done rather than force a minimum number of credits.

    The second is mysterious. I wonder if the gen ed certificate was issued prior to changes being made; based on the current requirements I would agree that there is something anomalous there.

    Yes, this is a mild/unfortunate confusion of terminology on our part; the "Core Program" diplomas are effectively the full major minus general education requirements, sort of a sibling to the "Minor" diplomas.

    The "full curricula" are somewhat vestigial -- when the pathways page was created originally (maybe ca. September 2014) as a teaser/information page, drawing attention to particular options for courses. Probably -- hopefully -- "Foundational Courses", "Full Curricula", and "Career-Themed Collections" will all be subsumed under a variety of defined diplomas.

  4. dear sean;
    thanks for all your posts. i am almost finished with the computer science degree program and i am really excited about it. Today i turn 55 and very much alive.

  5. dear sean;
    i am sorry about asking one other thing. will there be a major diploma for computer science. just wanted to double check.

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