Discussion forums upgraded to Discourse 1.6

Our discussion forums, based on the open-source Discourse software, got a quiet update today — we moved from version 1.5 to 1.6.

A big thanks to John for quietly, quickly, and successfully making this happen earlier today!

The major changes can be found at the Discourse project’s blog, here; highlights include stronger security, a new way to navigate long discussions, and better support for creating polls.

For those who would like to browse the hundreds of specific changes, the Discourse project has also provided a complete log of updates.

Top Comments

  1. sean says:

    Click on the gear icon when composing a post or reply to access the hide details and poll features.

    The first might be useful, for example, if you want to encourage the reader to try something out before you reveal the answer or if you just want to keep your post less cluttered by tucking away details.

    Thus, I might do the following:

    -3 + [(-4)(3) + 2] / 5 + 7

    See answer

    -3 + [-12 + 2] / 5 + 7
    -3 + (-10) / 5 + 7
    -3 + (-2) + 7
    -3 - 2 + 7
    -5 + 7

    (Hope I did that right...)

    A poll is just as easy:

    I'm not a very creative poll-maker, but you get the idea...

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