Saylor Academy now has 31 courses recommended for 91 credits

We are very happy to officially announce nine courses newly recommended for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE®).

Check out today’s press release for the full details:

Saylor Academy Expands Tuition-Free Direct Credit Program to 91 Credits

With these new recommendations, our zero-tuition Direct Credit program now offers 31 college-level courses that are recommended for up to 91 credits, transferable to any of our partner colleges and universities.

The nine new courses bolster our Business Administration and Computer Science content, while adding new options for Communication, Philosophy, and Political Science as well.

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Top Comments

  1. This is great news! Thanks to everyone at Saylor!

    If only I knew sooner; I enrolled in WGU's Soft Dev program in Feb. :grimacing:
    I'll be revisiting these!

  2. This is great, i feel amazed, thanks to everyone at Saylor Academy i just started the computer science section and my idea is to work through each of them.

    thank you so much and greets from Chile. also i have a YouTube channel where i do Computer Science tutorials check it at:

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