Last weekend’s assignment focused on the theme of socialization, and with the #FridayFact we learned that in ancient mesopotamia inscribed clay tablets were used to promote advanced farming techniques. This early form of public relations helped push their society forward and become more productive.

Another interesting fact around socialization concerns the social behaviour of dolphins and tools. According to research conducted by Georgetown University dolphins are the only other species, besides humans, that form social groups around common interests. In this case the study found that dolphins were forming social groups around the use of marine sponges as hunting tools.

This Weekend Assignment will focus on the broad theme of education.

During the early days of humanity general education was not a common practice and would instead be focused on more practical skills in learning a trade and/or craft. Farmers would raise their children to be farmers and so on.

Here are potential avenues in which you can explore:

  • The first forms of public education
  • The history and evolution of Universities
  • General education and its role in shaping the modern world

Your Weekend Assignment, if you chose to accept it, is to learn something new about education.

Go forth and educate yourself, and don’t forget to have fun.

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