The last Weekend Assignment focused on the theme of education, in which we discovered how the ancient Spartans provided the same level of education no matter the social standing of the individual. The Spartan women were also educated, unlike their Athenian counterparts. They could also own property and inherit wealth.

In 1852 Massachusetts was the first state to pass the contemporary universal public education law. The law required every town to own and operate a grammar school and parents would be fined if they failed to send their children to school.

This weeks Weekend Assignment revolves around the theme of data.

Our world is governed by data and the amount of information generated grows exponentially every year.

Your Weekend Assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to dive through information and learn something new around the theme of data.

Here are potential avenues to explore:

  • Storage
  • Information security
  • History of collecting data
  • Redundancy

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