We are excited to announce a new “Success Coach” pilot program launching in our discussion forums. For the next several weeks, success coaches will interact with students in our forums to provide encouragement and support across three courses: Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics.  The coaches will work through assigned problems from these courses and spend time in the forums answering questions students have on these exercises and related concepts.

We know most of our students are self-motivated and often step in to help each other out in tackling tough questions that arise in the assigned readings and exercises.  We wanted to add some additional support to the growing community and see if students find this type of interaction helpful in working through various courses.



To get the most out of our Success Coaching Sessions:

  1. Make sure you create an account and log in.
  2. Access the forum here: https://discourse.saylor.org/ in either MA001: College Algebra, MA005 Calculus I, or MA121: Introduction to Statistics.
  3. Coaches will work through assigned problems. Attempt some assigned problems beforehand so you can check your work.

If you are a student and have not joined us yet on the forums, please do so! At the very least come to say hello and introduce yourself to some of your fellow Saylor Academy students. We hope to see you there!