This fall, Saylor Academy is creating more study guides to accompany its free online courses. These online resources will help you focus your studies to assist you in successfully completing your courses. The material in our study guides will tie directly to the learning outcomes outlined in each unit of our courses.

Our study guides:

  • Pose guided questions to help you identify and think about the material you should know to pass the final exam;
  • Allow you to test yourself so you feel confident about the course material you have mastered in each course unit;
  • Present a list of vocabulary words you should understand and be able to define after completing each unit; and,
  • Provide links back to the original course content so you can take another look at any material you want to review before you take the final course exam.


Saylor Academy wants to help you succeed in your coursework. Our free online course study guides will give you the extra boost you need to feel confident about your knowledge and what you have learned in each unit. We want to help you pass your exams, earn the college credits you need to graduate, get the promotion you deserve at work, and pursue your educational goals so you can get to the next level. The study guides are, or will be for those still in the works, located toward the end of the course outline just before the final exam. You can check out our Chemistry Study Guide here.

Stay tuned! We will announce other new features to help you study on this blog site and via Twitter @Saylordotorg as they become available this fall. We are excited about these new offerings, and hope you are too!