News Bits

I check in with the Saylor Foundation’s Twitter feed multiple times each day for all the latest news in education and technology. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a flurry of updates specific to the open education community. From the announcement that our favorite Open Education guru, David Wiley, was selected to be a […]

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Traditional Institutions Innovating for the Digital Age

Last week, Sean, the Saylor Foundation’s Archivist, forwarded me NPR: Libraries Make Room For High-Tech ‘Hackerspaces’, an article that covers how some public libraries are innovating for the digital age by incorporating hackerspaces into their offerings. Now, I realize that I work for a Foundation that is focused solely on combining education and technology to […]

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Continuing our Consulting Professor Profile series, I’m pleased to introduce you to yet another one of our fantastic professors: Dr. Concepcion Saenz-Cambra. Since mid-2010, Dr. Saenz-Cambra has been working with the Saylor Foundation, compiling and peer reviewing our history courses. A native of San Sebastián, Spain, Dr. Saenz-Cambra earned several advanced degrees, most recently a PhD […]

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