This Is How We Do It: Part I

“How do you develop your courses?”  As the Saylor Foundation’s Content Development Manager, I field this question on a regular basis.  Its frequent recurrence has led me to realize that though we never intended to obscure our method, we have not been particularly transparent about this important aspect of our project, which, incidentally, has consumed the better […]

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Connecting the Dots

Next week, the Saylor Foundation is heading to Park City, Utah for the 2011 Open Education Conference. This will be our first time attending the conference and we look forward to several exciting presentations, like keynote speakers Martha Kanter, Under Secretary of Education and Jim Shelton, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement.  We’re also excited […]

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Open Textbook Challenge: Making Textbooks Available (For Free!)

As technology becomes more portable and affordable, universal access to higher education becomes more achievable.  However, even as technology reaches more potential learners, we’re still seeing significant barriers to educational content.  In addition to working hard on access and distribution, the Saylor Foundation is also helping lead the way in promoting the creation of more […]

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