Brockton Public Schools

Welcome Brockton Boxers and all students and staff of Brockton High School.

We are excited to have you join our learning community where you will be able to complete courses that can lead to tuition-free college credit and career enhancing skills. Brockton staff has selected the courses listed below for you to focus on and your counselors and advisors at Brockton will advise you on where – and if – the respective courses fit into your high school graduation requirements.

Before you begin one of the courses below you will need to complete our brief, but important “Getting Started” mini-course that will help acclimate you to our learning platform. You can find that course here:

Please note that when you initially create your student profile you will receive an email to confirm your enrollment. Sometimes students do not receive these emails right away. Common problems include, a long wait to receive the email for various reasons,students mis-typing their email address when creating their account and the confirmation email being pushed to your spam folder. If you do not receive your confirmation email within a couple hours, please double check whether any of the above common problems are present. You can also send an email to our [email protected] help line and we’ll take a look. Also note that you can view course resources (readings, videos) right away and need not wait for the confirmation email.

Should you have further questions you can find great assistance in our help center where you will find a list of common questions and additional information that can help you resolve issues and navigate our system:

For each course, we strongly suggest you read the syllabus and carefully review the course learning outcomes. Beyond the syllabus, each unit in the courses will also list more granular learning outcomes. All of these outcomes will be reviewed in the learning materials and tested on the final exams provided on the Saylor platform.

For the courses listed below, please consult with your counselors and administrators at Brockton on how they will count toward your graduation requirements at Brockton.

Each of the courses below will transfer to select colleges listed on our transfer partner page, including some Brockton/Boston area colleges such as College of St. Joseph (with more local choices coming soon). Please refer to the page to learn how the college credit courses will fit into various degree pathways. You can read more about our college credit program here.

High School & College Credit Courses

Professional Development Courses