Degree Pathways

We work with partner schools to help students earn degrees with greater flexibility and lower tuition cost.

The programs below combine Saylor Academy’s free, self-paced online courses with traditional courses taken through our partner schools — effectively, you will enroll with our partner school but use our courses to fulfill some of the requirements of your degree.

Our current degree pathways can lead to both two-year and four-year degrees in Business Administration.

At a glance

  • The coursework for these degrees can be completed online/remotely — these degrees are available to international students
  • Current pathways can lead to two- and four-years degrees (Associates and Bachelors) in business administration
  • These degrees are issued by Saylor Academy partner schools; students must enroll with the issuing school and complete any requirements, which are subject to change
  • Saylor Academy’s contribution to these pathways is zero-tuition, self-paced, online courses that are recognized for credit by our partner schools

Available Degree Programs

Thomas Edison State University

  Associate in Science in Business Administration

The Open Course Option for ASBA allows students to complete the Associate in Science in Business Administration degree at Thomas Edison State University for as little as $3,000 — in part with free, open, online courses from Saylor Academy.

Students take self-paced, free, online Saylor Academy courses and then earn credit through a combination of Saylor Academy’s Direct Credit exams, Thomas Edison State University’s TECEP® exams, portfolio assessment, and (optionally) College-Level Exam Program (CLEP®) exams.

City Vision University

  Associate of Science in Business Administration

  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Saylor Academy has partnered with Qualifi, a United Kingdom Awarding Organization, and City Vision University, an accredited online university based in Kansas City, Missouri, to increase global access to higher education by providing a two-year degree pathway to students for under $2,000 and a four-year degree pathway for under $5,000.

This unique partnership creates a path for students to access the free independent-study content provided by Saylor Academy, have it endorsed by a regulated United Kingdom Awarding Organization, take a third year from that Awarding Organization, and then transfer all their credits to City Vision University for a final year degree completion program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Saylor Academy issue these degrees?

No. Saylor Academy is not an accredited institution and does not offer degrees. Our partner schools issue degrees to students who have completed all requirements.

What is Saylor Academy’s role in these programs?

Courses you complete through Saylor Academy will fulfill many of the requirements of the programs, allowing you greater convenience and flexibility in working toward your degree with our partner school.

Who can apply?

These degree programs are available online and internationally. Check with our partner schools to confirm your eligibility and determine any specific requirements.

Who should apply?

Anyone who wants to complete a two-year or four-year degree in business administration and who would like the convenience of working at their own pace, studying from home, and saving tuition costs.

Are these degrees from accredited schools?

Yes. Thomas Edison State University is a regionally accredited public university located in New Jersey. City Vision University is a nationally accredited private university located in Missouri.

How long will it take to earn a degree?

Using Saylor Academy courses toward your degree provides some flexibility that can save you some time — or allow you to take more time without incurring extra expense. It may be possible to complete a two-year (Associates) degree in as little as one year and a four-year (Bachelors) in as little as two or three years, but much depends on the student’s circumstances and preferences.

How do I apply?

Look at the individual program details to find out how and when to enroll. You will apply to the school offering the degree rather than to Saylor Academy — registering for a Saylor Academy account and enrolling in Saylor Academy courses does not enroll you in our partner schools.

When can I begin?

You can start your Saylor Academy courses at any time. The program details provide a suggested timeline for when to formally apply to the school.

How much does it cost?

Total costs will vary — see program details for our estimates. Saylor Academy courses and learning materials are free, but your total costs will likely include exam proctoring fees and transcript fees.

For any questions not answered above, please view the detailed program descriptions. Get in touch with us or our partner school with any questions you have.

Other Credit Opportunities

Many individual Saylor Academy courses are recommended for college credit that can be obtained through our partner schools — and potentially through hundreds of other colleges and universities.