Saylor Academy Faculty

The academics and educators on this page are just some of those who have contributed to Saylor Academy courses since 2010. We are pleased to be able to publicly thank these contributors and grateful to all make make Saylor Academy possible.

Lutfi Al-SharifDr. Lutfi Al-Sharif

Dr. Lutfi Al-Sharif is currently Associate Professor at the Mechatronics Engineering Department of the University of Jordan.

Dr. Lutfi Al-Sharif obtained his BS in electrical engineering from the University of Jordan in 1987; his MS in control systems from the University of Manchester in 1990; and his PhD in elevator traffic analysis in 1992 from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. He worked for 9 years for London Underground, London, United Kingdom where his final position was delivery manager for lifts and escalators. He formed Al-Sharif VTC in September 2002, a vertical transportation consultancy based in London. In 2012, he authored the Mechatronics (ME302) module for Saylor Academy. He has been a member of the Mechatronics Engineering Department at the University of Jordan since 2006, Department Head between 2008 and 2012. His research interests include elevator traffic analysis, elevator and escalator energy modelling, mechatronics education, coordinate measuring machines and linear variable differential transformer analysis and design. He is a passionate believer in making technical concepts as simple as possible and enjoyable to students.

Walter ArensteinMr. Arenstein

Mr. Arenstein is currently the President of Writrac Consulting, where he specializes in issues involving sustainability and the interaction of air quality, water quality, land use, and transportation.

He also serves as the Chair of the Air and Waste Management Association’s Transportation and Land Use and Public Participation Committees. Walter has been active in the environmental field since he helped organize the first Earth Day in 1970. He has a BA degree in human ecology, an MA degree in environmental science, extensive additional graduate work in environmental policy at the University of California, and has been certified as a QEP (Qualified Environmental Professional) by the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice. Walter has held a number of positions in the environmental field. These include: Director of Sustainability for Southwestern Illinois College, Program Coordinator for the North Central Partnership for Environmental Technology Education (PETE) program, which is located at the Environmental Training Center at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA, and Senior Scientist with the Midwest Research Institute, where he specialized in the areas of air quality, land use, and transportation. He developed some of the first online environmental college classes and now teaches one for San Jose State University. Walter taught environmental/urban planning courses at the University of California-Irvine, Orange Coast Community College, Ohlone College, Kirkwood Community College, and Lewis & Clark Community College. Earlier in his career he served as a consultant to the Rand Corporation, the New Jersey Department of Energy, the City of Irvine, and the California State Solid Waste Management Board.

baccouchProfessor Baccouch

Professor Mahboub Baccouch (b. February 1, 1979) is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

He is also a polyvalent engineer and received both BS in engineering (2004) and MS in engineering mathematics (2005) from Tunisia Polytechnic School, Tunisia. In 2005, he received another MS in mathematics from Virginia Tech. Prof. Baccouch’s PhD studies (2004 – 2008, Virginia Tech) were mainly focused towards numerical analysis, scientific computing, and partial differential equations. His current research interests are various areas of applied mathematics, in particular, the design and implementation of higher-order Discontinuous Galerkin methods for solving a wide range of problems in engineering modeled by differential equations. Specifically, he is interested in applying the superconvergence properties of the discontinuous Galerkin methods to construct simple, efficient and asymptotically correct a posteriori error estimates of the finite element errors. Professor Baccouch has more than eight years of teaching experience. He also has extensive experience in online teaching, and curriculum and program development. He has published in top tier journals in his discipline and have presented at numerous national and international conferences. During the last few years, he was awarded several grants.

Dr. BenderDr. Bender

Dr. Bender (1978) is Assistant Professor at the Department of Cross-Cultural Psychology at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

He has previously worked at Barnard College,Columbia University, New York, USA, the City University of Hong Kong, PR China and the University of Osnabrück, Germany, where he received his PhD. His research focuses on understanding psychological mechanisms (particularly motivation and memory) across cultural contexts – both with regard to what is different, but also what is similar between them. He feels that, at least for the next decades, spare time is overrated, and recently became a father to a wonderful daughter. Michael has been working for Saylor Academysince 2012, and believes that free education is the key to making the world a better place.

Kelvin BentleyDr. Kelvin Bentley

Dr. Bentley is currently the Vice President of Educational Excellence for Acatar, a new ed tech company associated with Carnegie Mellon University.

He has been a consultant with Saylor Academy since August 2011. Dr. Bentley has a special interest in online education given he has served as a director and dean for different online degree programs at 2- and 4-year institutions over the past 12 years. He has led initiatives to improve the instructional design quality of online courses and he has led initiatives to increase access to student services for online students including tutoring, academic advising, career counseling, and proctoring services. He has consulted with colleges and universities around the United States, helping them develop strategic plans to create, expand, and improve their online learning programs. Dr. Bentley was also the recipient of a Fulbright Specialist grant to train University of Antioquia faculty in Medellin, Columbia in best practices in online course design and facilitation. He is also a current a Fulbright Specialist in distance education and a certified peer reviewer for the Quality Matters program.


Dr. Chelsea L. Booth is currently a Presidential Management Fellow and Public Health Advisor at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

She is also Project Director for the Research Prioritization Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, a national public-private partnership tasked with reducing the public health burden of suicide. Dr. Booth received her PhD in Linguistic and Political Anthropology from Rutgers University, New Jersey. While at Rutgers University, she taught various anthropology classes and Expository Writing (Eng 101). She was also Associate Director and Project Coordinator for the Teaching Assistant Project, where she organized and ran two annual orientations for teaching assistants and part-time lecturers as well as teaching a course for graduate students on best teaching practices in higher education. She won several teaching awards, including the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences Award for Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Education, and was a Graduate Fellow at the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Her ethnographic research in India and Nepal explored lived experiences of constitutional language politics, multilingualism, and traced the history of the Nepali Language Movement in India from 1972 to 1992. She first traveled to South Asia as a Peace Corps volunteer to Nepal in 2002. Dr. Booth has been working with Saylor Academy since September 2012.

A.B.Professor Afshan Bokhari

Professor Afshan Bokhari teaches South Asian, Islamic and Western art history courses at Suffolk University.

She specializes in Mughal art and architecture and female patronage, representation and the discursive space for women in Sufism. Professor Bokhari’s dissertation analyzed the patronage, piety and poetry of a 17th C. Mughal princess, Jahanara Begam, the daughter of emperor Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal. Professor Bokhari truly feels that her work points to her since she learned as much about herself through the princess’ agency as she did about the princess. Professor Bokhari earned her degrees at Wellesley College(BA) and Boston University (MA), Harvard University (MD) and University of Vienna (PhD) but continues to learn more about her subject from her students and in her classroom. In her spare time, she can be found playing tennis, practicing yoga and going to museums. Professor Bokhari has worked with Saylor Academy for the past four months to modify and enhance the Arts of Islam course.

Bowie_PicProfessor Angela Bowie

Professor Angela Bowie teaches American National Government and American History at Delaware County Community College and Burlington County College.

She has also taught Western Civilization, American Western Thought, African-American History, and the American Presidency. She specialized in American politics and government, and American History (I and II), topics that first intrigued her during high school and college. Professor Bowie earned her BA in Political Science from Syracuse University and her MPA from Georgia State University. She also owns a lobbying firm, representing non-profits on a wide range of governmental issues. In her spare time, she enjoys running, knitting, and chasing after her 3-year old son. Professor Bowie has worked with Saylor Academy for the past three years, because she believes in the Saylor Academymission and is grateful to contribute to making education free for all.

danaboydphotomay2012Dr. Boyd

Dr. Boyd is a Full-Time Faculty Member of Ashford University and a Business Psychologist.

She is married with lots of furry children. Her PhD is in Organizational Behavior and she is the founder and honorary member of the Millionaire Women’s Club. She loves paddle boarding and anything to do with the water.

BreazealeMs. Karen Breazeale

Ms. Karen Breazeale is a K12ELA Course Designer for Saylor Academyand a Key Spouse Mentor for Military families on base.

Ms. Breazeale used her expertise as a teacher in ELA and education from U. of Texas at Tyler to find optimum OER that would excite students to read and learn more about English. After working on a Saylor Academycourse, Ms. Breazeale, herself, encourages other educators to explore the world of OER to help enhance the learning experience for students. For parents, she encourages them to serve as a model of lifelong learning for their children by trying to learn something new everyday.

Mirjana 2Dr. Mirjana M. Brockett

Dr. Mirjana M. Brockett graduated with her BS degree in Biology, MS in Genetics and a PhD in Evolutionary biology, from the University of Belgrade.

She came to the University of Georgia for a Postdoc and spent a year at the University of California, while in graduate school. Since 2007 she has been a teaching faculty with the School of Biology, at the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta Georgia. She teaches undergraduate classes, such as Genetics, Evolution, Bioethics and general Biology courses. Dr. Brockett has won several teaching awards and recognitions and currently she is a Teaching Scholar for 2012/2013 year, studying pedagogy and the best methods of teaching Evolution classes.

No picture availableMs. Nikeitha Brown

A Houston native, Nikeitha has served multiple roles in K-12 education and higher education.

Her primary interests lie in curriculum development, employee training, and education policy compliance. She is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University where she earned a Master’s degree in Educational Curriculum and Instruction and has sight on beginning a PhD program in 2014. Nikeitha believes in providing a quality education experience despite personal background, circumstance, or age. She is excited to join Saylor Academy faculty and is thrilled to develop quality content for the Saylor Academyaudience!

No picture availableMs. Stacy Burch

Ms. Stacy Burch has taught middle school and high school English for the past nine years at three different schools: Downingtown East High School in Exton, PA, Sto-Rox Middle School in Pittsburgh, PA, and Boonsboro High School in Boonsboro, MD.

She earned her degrees from Duquesne University (BA in English and BS in Secondary Education) and Shepherd University (MA in English Curriculum Design & Instruction). Teaching is Stacy’s true passion, which is why she recently joined Saylor Academy in the hopes of helping others get the education they deserve. When she’s not surrounded by students, Stacy can usually be found hiking with her husband, Jason, or curled up with a good book.

Rebecca ButterfieldDr. Rebecca Butterfield

Dr. Rebecca Butterfield is a Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Dr. Butterfield received her BA from the University of Pittsburgh; she earned her MA and PhD degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She specializes in modern American and European art and photography and has taught numerous courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. She has also lectured to a broader public at institutions such as The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and The Barnes Foundation. Her essays have appeared in publications by The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh and The Guggenheim Museum, New York. She has presented scholarly papers at The College Art Association, The Women’s Caucus on Art and The Whitney Museum, New York City.Dr. Butterfield believes that works of art are much more than just objects of aesthetic contemplation and enjoyment. They are also complex historical documents that help us to understand the cultures and the time periods in which they were produced.

Queenie Byars Professor Queenie Byars

Professor Queenie Byars teaches public relations courses at the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Her journey to the classroom began after years of practicing public relations in the federal government, nonprofit and entrepreneurial sectors. Her creative activity and research interest is focused on advancing support for diversity in higher education. Professor Byars earned her degrees at UNC-CH (BA) and the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley (MA) Her professional career included 20 years as a military public affairs officer. She enjoys working landscaping projects and playing with her three dogs. Professor Byars began working with Saylor Academy in 2013 and believes “education is truly the key to success.”

Eric Clark PictureMr. Eric Clark

Mr. Eric Clark is a K12MATH and RWM Course Designer for Saylor Academyand a School Director/Director of Education at International College of Broadcasting in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

Nearby, he received his MS in Educational Leadership from the U. of Dayton. In mathematics, some students struggle, while others excel. Mr. Clark has produced courses for both of these student populations. In general, he loves enhancing the classroom experience for adult learners. Mr. Clark encourages parents to be engaged in their child’s learning and find a way for them to be successful for life.

303581_10101624229647614_299417268_nMs. Kate Cottrell

Ms. Kate Cottrell is a K12MATH Course Designer for Saylor Academyand a Director of Teacher Support and Development in Bagotà, Colombia.

She strongly believes that online education is the key to efficient differentiated learning, as it gives students the opportunity to create their own questions through self-study and independent practice. An International Education Policy alumna from the School of Ed. at Harvard U., Ms. Cottrell also encourages developers of content to use Creative Commons licenses, to help make these educational resources available to all. Lastly, Ms. Cottrell advises to all, “Life is about exploring and discovery…you are never too old to learn!”

밴Dr. Benedict E. DeDominicis

The orientation of Professor Ben’s training is in the social sciences focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to studying politics.

He has several years teaching courses in the areas of European affairs, international law and organization, and the Middle East. Prior to coming to the Catholic University of Korea in 2009, he taught at the American University in Bulgaria and Wright State University-Lake Campus in the United States. He has taught on numerous occasions courses covering different aspects of globalization including international intervention and conflict resolution, international law and international organization, along with comparative perspectives on national political development from a social movement perspective. Since he was born, raised and formally educated in the US, Professor Ben uses the US as a comparative case study, as well as teaching American foreign policy, American political history, and American political institutions, in addition to introductory courses on political science. Professor Ben’s experience in human resources management and strategic planning and leadership in the non-profit sector comes from his extensive involvement as a faculty member in helping to to establish the new American University in Bulgaria, a joint project of the United States Agency for International Development, the Republic of Bulgaria, the municipality of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and the Open Society Institute. AUBG started in 1991 with almost no policies and procedures, including in the area of personnel. Prof. Ben joined the AUBG faculty in 1994 and stayed until 2009. He was an officer of the Faculty Assembly during 13 of those 15 years. His roles included helping to write the first AUBG faculty evaluation procedures according to the Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement framework.

076Ms. Tracy Derrell

Ms. Tracy Derrell is a K12ELA Course Designer for Saylor Academyand a K12 Education Curriculum writer in New York, USA.

Formerly a full-time middle school English teacher, Ms. Derrell has always enjoyed choosing “non-traditional” themes. These include career literacy and entrepreneurship, art history, and using other natural interests to further motivate her students. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her daughter and read. Ms. Derrell received her MA in Secondary Ed. at Hofstra U., NY and an MA in Literary Education from, CUNY. Her advice for students is to read and not get fixated on a single genre. For graduates, be open to all paths to the professional world-especially vocational and technical learning.

DierkesProfessor Judith Dierkes

Professor Judith Dierkes is an adjunct at 3 colleges in Tennessee teaching all online classes.

She earned a BFA and MS from the University of Tennesse in Knoxville. Her studio is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her work is mostly fiber in two or three dimensions. When not teaching or making art she is skiing, biking, hiking and doing yoga.

L. DuffyDr. Lawrence Duffy

Dr. Lawrence Duffy received his BS in chemistry from Fordham University in 1969, an MS in organic chemistry from the University of Alaska in 1971 and a PhD. in biochemistry from the University of Alaska in 1977.

He served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy from 1971-1973. After several years of research at Boston University, the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology, the University of Texas and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Duffy returned to the University of Alaska where he served as Biochemistry Program Director, Department Chair and later Graduate School Dean. He continues to teach biochemistry and research ethics. Since the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Dr. Duffy has broadened his research activity into the area of wildlife and human environmental health. The oil spill focused his attention on the need to develop biomarkers to monitor and assess the health of wildlife populations. These studies demonstrated that chronic exposure could be measured biochemically in mammals not only showing damage to a resource, but also demonstrating recovery of the ecosystem. Biomarkers in human health research led his group back to wildlife and fish, but this time he focused on mercury in humans and the fish Alaskans consume. Dr. Duffy’s work on mercury in subsistence food has been used by policy makers on the national level and allows him to involve undergraduate students in research and discuss issues of environmental ethics and justice.

D12_306_029Dr. Warren Dym

Dr. Warren Dym has taught Western Civilization and history of science and technology at Bucknell University, University of Miami, and American University.

His own research focuses on mining history in Germany and the Americas. In recent semesters, he has moved away from the ‘textbook’ version of teaching history to the powerful open educational resource movement. He came to Saylor Academyto share his love of history freely with the world.

DavidKEwenProfessor David K. Ewen

Professor David K. Ewen, M.Ed. is an author, speaker, film director, consultant, and adjunct lecturer.

His lectures focus on new digital media technologies in publishing, film, radio, television, webcasting, business, economics, marketing, and publicity. Since 2004, his lectures have been toured as the “Professor Lecture Series” and are presented online and in the seven states of New York and New England. David has been publishing since 1994 and in broadcasting since 1998.

No picture availableDr. Darrell R. Fry

Dr. Fry is currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

While an undergraduate, Dr. Fry (or Darrell at that time) served as a teaching assistant in the organic chemistry laboratories. This began his interest in teaching others. As time has progressed, Dr. Fry has developed the conviction that a high quality education must be available to everyone—regardless of the ability to pay. Saylor Academy has allowed Dr. Fry to invest time and energy into that conviction.

Dr. Steve GibbsDr. Steve Gibbs

Dr. Steve Gibbs (PhD University of Wisconsin—Madison) is a former professor of chemical engineering (FAMU-FSU College of Engineering).

In that capacity he taught courses in engineering mathematics, material and energy balances, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer (diffusion), and experimental methods in engineering and chemistry. Prior to and concurrent with those activities, Dr. Gibbs performed research into techniques for and applications of nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetic resonance imaging to engineering, physical chemistry, and biological problems (Cambridge University). Dr. Gibbs currently has broad interests encompassing motivation in engineering and science education, techniques for addressing diversity of student preparedness in learning experiences, physicochemical modeling of environmental phenomena, natural products chemistry, and computational techniques for image and audio signals. He has been contributing to the efforts of Saylor Academy since 2010.

Erika GilletteMs. Erika Cole Gillette

Currently, Erika holds several responsibilities at Sierra Nevada College in Incline Village, NV. As the First Lady, she is a full-time ambassador and hostess for the College. In addition, she is the
Director of Alumni and Parent Relations and Annual Giving Programs.

Ms. Gillette is also the founder and Chairwoman of the Permanent Collection Committee at Sierra Nevada College, and serves on the board of the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society and Gatekeeper’s Museum in Tahoe City, CA. Ms. Gillette holds a BA in Political Economy from Tulane University and an MA in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction at Sierra Nevada College. Erika also holds a Certificate in Fundraising Management from New York University.She is an Art Historian and writer with several years of experience studying and living in South and Southeast Asia. At Sierra Nevada College, she has offered courses on Roman Art, Buddhist Art, and Early 20th Century Art, as well as an active learning course in Art Literacy and Museum Appreciation. She recently worked with a team of other Active Learning experts to design a comprehensive workforce development curriculum for the Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow, based in Las Vegas, NV, and she has designed online courses for Saylor Academy, an open-access educational foundation based in Washington DC. She is committed to creating a passionate learning and writing environment for students.

No picture availableMr. James Glover

Mr. Glover teaches Environmental Science at The University of Phoenix, Albuquerque campus.

He specializes in water resources and environmental ethics, a topic which was close to his heart growing up and exploring in rural England. Mr. Glover earned his degrees at Durham University (BS) and The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (MS), and has been teaching with the UOP for three years. His spare time is occupied by his two young children, and remaining fit and active. Mr. Glover has worked with Saylor Academy for the past year and enjoys spreading the environmental message for the small price of nothing.

Kelly GordonProfessor Kelly J. Gordon

Professor Kelly J. Gordon teaches at Carteret Community College in Morehead City, NC.

She specializes in atmospheric chemistry as it relates to the bigger picture of global warming. In addition, Professor Gordon has created new and safer protocols for popular physical chemistry laboratories, determined how anticonvulsant drugs affect the fetus, and developed protocols to detect harmful substances in body fluids. She has earned her degrees at Ball State University (BS) and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (MS), but has found roots in a small coastal community in Eastern NC. In her spare time, Professor Gordon enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, and playing with her furry friends. Professor Gordon has been with Saylor Academy for about one year now because she believes that something MUST be done to make education available to all!

AGDr. Alexandra Gorgevska

Dr. Alexandra Gorgevska is a tenured professor of Biotechnology and Chemistry at Palm Beach State College. She also serves as Department Chair for the Biotechnology Program and the Department of Natural Sciences.

She received her PhD in Biochemistry from the Department of Chemistry at Wayne State University (2006) specializing in DNA-protein cross-links. Her research involved the investigation and discovery of novel mechanisms and structures of formalin cross-link formation between DNA and proteins that form as a result of the fixation process during biopsy preservation. She has worked as a research technician in the Vascular Research Laboratory at William Beaumont Hospital and a research fellow at the University of Michigan-Department of Physiology studying peripheral vascular occlusive disorders. She was a post-doctoral research fellow at the National Institutes of Health in the National Institute on Aging, where she investigated the mechanisms of premature aging disorders, primarily that of Werner’s Syndrome. Dr. Gorgevska is presently involved with the development and expansion of biotechnology curricula to meet the needs of the emerging bioscience community. In 2009, she was honored with the Distinguished New Faculty Award at the 20th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. She is also a research mentor with the U.S. Army eCybermission program. Dr. Gorgevska was the Curriculum Development Manager for the Employ Florida Banner Center for Life Sciences at Palm Beach State College; which was a 3-year, 1.2 million dollar grant-funded strategic plan to modernize Florida’s workforce in order to meet the workforce needs of the state. Dr. Gorgevska is currently the Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation Advanced Training Education (NSF-ATE) grant, which is a 2-year, $200,000 funded project to increase enrollment, retention and success of biotechnology students within the program and into their careers. She has also been working with the efforts of Saylor Academy to improve biotechnology curriculum since 2012.

image003Dr. Virginia D. Gray

Dr. Virginia D. Gray is a K12MATH Course Designer for Saylor Academyand a writer.

With a unique background in both English and Mathematics, Dr. Gray has taught and worked with many students and educators. This includes educators both at the beginning and in the midst of their professional careers In addition to writing curricula for Saylor, she also has explored the authorial side of the profession by writing for She encourages us all to note that we all are responsible for the education of the next generation, and thus should expect all students and learners to succeed.

Hong Seung BeomDr. Seung-Beom Hong

Dr. Seung-Beom Hong is an adjunct professor at San Jacinto College and a lecturer at the University of Houston Clear Lake.

Dr. Hong obtained a BS in Biology from Korea University, MS in Microbiology from East Tennessee State University, and PhD in Plant Pathology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has taught Microbiology at San Jacinto College and Biotechnology at the University of Houston Clear Lake. He is also an editor of ISRN Biotechnology. His primary research interest is in the area of plant metabolic engineering. He has been a consultant with Saylor Academy since 2012. He is proud to be a part of the free-education effort of Saylor Academy.

N. JonesProfessor Nicholaos Jones

Professor Nicholaos Jones teaches Philosophy at University of Alabama in Huntsville.

He pursues two major research agendas — one, in philosophy of science, focused on understanding the roles of diagrams and idealizations in contemporary scientific practice; the other, in Asian philosophy, focused on understanding the worldview of medieval Chinese Buddhists. Professor Jones earned his degrees at Saint Francis College (BA) and The Ohio State University (PhD). In his spare time, he enjoys running, playing chess, and doing home projects with his wife. Professor Jones has worked with Saylor Academy for about one year, in order to help “nourish the seeds of lifelong learning and reduce disparities in educational opportunities.”

HHJ11Professor Hannah Judson

Professor Hannah Judson specializes in Visual Communications at Southern New Hampshire University, and has been involved in higher education since 1999, teaching, designing courses, and developing online curriculum.

She is a co-founding director of Eleve Inc., a training and education EdTech company based in Chicago. She earned her undergraduate degree in Art History and Fine Arts at Colby College in Maine, and then studied painting, design and education at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago for a BFA and MA. In her spare time she runs marathons and writes songs. Hannah has been with Saylor Academysince 2013.


Dr. Jill Kiefer is an art historian and teaching artist, who has been designing, coordinating and leading programs in Fine Arts and Art History for over thirty years—in university, institutional and community environments around the globe.

Jill is the Founder and Director of What About Art? at, an enterprise designed to bring a knowledge and love of art to EVERYONE! She teaches for the Palos Verdes Art Center, Mount Saint Mary’s College, Pasadena City College, and Glendale College. Jill is the Director of Programs in Art History and Fine Arts for Warnborough College Ireland/U.K., where she earned her MA and PhD degrees, and was honored as the Student of the Year. Jill completed her undergraduate education from the University of New Mexico and graduated summa cum laude with distinction. She has won several Best Teacher honors, and has been awarded three grants for ongoing work in the development of asynchronous and hybrid learning programs. Jill is a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest, largest, and most selective honor society for all academic disciplines.

Susan KranerDr. Susan D. Kraner

Dr. Susan D. Kraner received her BS in biochemistry from the Ohio State University in 1982, her PhD in biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989, and did post-doctoral training in molecular neurobiology at SUNY at Stony Brook from 1990-1993 and University of Pennsylvania from 1993-1994.

Her work since has focused on transcriptional regulation of gene expression in brain and skeletal muscle, the molecular mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle paralysis in critical care illness, and development of treatment paradigms for Alzheimer’s disease using molecular methods such as gene therapy approaches. In addition to research, her goal is to train the next generation of scientists and medical professionals. She has held appointments at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Kentucky, and Wright State University, and as of May 2013, she is working as a Scientist at the University of Kentucky Sanders BrownCenter on Aging.

Rachel LereboursDr. Rachel Lerebours

Dr. Rachel Lerebours currently teaches Chemistry, Physics and French in various high schools and community colleges in the Washington Metro area.

She was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She came to the US in 1996 where She attended Ashland University in Ashland Ohio, and got her BS in chemistry. She moved to DC in 2001 to attend Georgetown University’s graduate program in Chemistry. She obtained her PhD in Chemistry in 2008.

No picture availableDr. Ramona Hollie-Major

Dr. Ramona Hollie-Major is currently the Director of Operations at the National Institute for School Leadership. Prior to her current role, she was Executive Director for The Crayola Factory and was responsible for their programming, marketing and operations and has a vast experience in business and education.

She earned her degrees from DeSales University (B.S. in Marketing and MBA) and Fielding Graduate University (EdD in Educational Leadership). Teaching is a passion of Dr. Hollie Major. She has had an opportunity to teach in K-12, university, corporate training and workshops in the community. Dr. Hollie Major recently joined Saylor Academy because she believes everyone is deserving of an education. When she is not teaching or working, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling and is an avid life-long learner.

Andrew MarvickDr Andrew Marvick

Dr. Andrew Marvick is an Associate Professor of Art History at Southern Utah University.

He grew up in Los Angeles, received his BA at Harvard University, his MA at UCLA and his PhD at Columbia University. Before coming to SUU in 2005 he taught at UCLA, at several Cal. State campuses and at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He is also a painter (, with credentials from the Simi Academy in Florence. As a scholar his field of specialization is the turning point from late nineteenth-century Symbolism to early modern abstraction in Europe and America. He has published papers on the art of Waterhouse, Khnopff, Mondrian and numerous other fin-de-siècle and transitional early 20th-century artists. Andrew has been an enthusiastic supporter of new technologies in the art history classroom; he has used an iPad for all his presentations since 2010. He has worked on online pedagogical development for Utah State Higher Education’s art history curriculum and has collaborated with the Khan Academy’s SmartHistory project. A member of SUU’s iPadagogy project team, Andrew is working to bring along Utah higher-Ed.’s faculty and students into the exciting world of the digital art-history teaching and learning environment.

Mrs. Melissa MaypoleMrs. Melissa Maypole

Mrs. Melissa Maypole is currently working in online curriculum development.

Mrs. Maypole taught high school English and Advanced Composition in Aiken, SC for six years. She is currently working in online curriculum development and is also a prolific freelance writer. She earned her B.A. from the University of South Carolina-Aiken and holds a Master’s degree in Education with a specialty in Integrating Technology in the Curriculum. She currently lives in Anniston, AL with her husband and four kids. Melissa misses the physical classroom but is excited to share her love of literature and writing with a global audience!

Dr. Bob McKizzieDr. Bob McKizzie

Dr. Bob McKizzie is currently a Professor of Economics at Tarrant County College Southeast.

He graduated from High School as a military dependent from Johnson High School in Tokyo, Japan. From there he attended Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, TX where he was an athlete on the Texas Wesleyan Rams basketball team. Upon completion of his degree requirements, he received his Bachelor of Science degree and a State of Texas Teaching certificate. He taught in the Fort Worth ISD school system whereby he was a Teacher, and High School coach. Additionally, he taught for a number of years in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford school system teaching economics while concurrently working his business. Bob completed work in graduate studies in economics and management at Texas Wesleyan University and at the University of Texas at Arlington. Following this assignment, he continued working in his business and concurrently earned his Masters of Business Administration degree in management from LeTourneau University, located in Longview, TX. After earning his MBA, he accepted an appointment as a Professor at Tarrant County College Southeast teaching economics while also operating his business. Shortly after his appointment at Tarrant County College Southeast, he began his doctoral studies at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL of which his dissertation was on the philosophy and effective teaching of economics in higher education leadership. He has been working in the field of economics for more than 13-years in the Tarrant County College District.

RmcphersonProfessor Ryan McPherson

Professor Ryan McPherson serves as faculty at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

He graduated from Texas State University in August 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. He graduated with his master’s degree from the same institution in December of 2004. He studied Organizational Communication, Rhetoric and Instructional Communication. He received his certificate in Corporate Communication Training and Development in December of 2004.Professor Ryan teaches Organizational Communication (Com 3893/Mgt 3123), Rhetorical Communication (Com 3253), Persuasion (Com 3243), Language and Communication Theory (Com 3083), Foundations (Com 3023), Fundamentals of Human Communication (1310), Business and Professional Communications (Com 1053), Public Speaking (Com 110), Interpersonal Communication (Com 200), and Communication Skills for Career Growth (Com 102). Professor Ryan is always excited to be in the classroom and is driven by a belief that teaching is a deeply meaningful profession. Dedicated to the discipline, Ryan also currently teaches other communication courses to both undergraduate students and working professionals at several local institutions. While completing his graduate studies, he instructed undergraduate students and served as a communication coach in the Texas State University communication lab. Prior to graduate school, Ryan was a member of the LBJ Debate and Elton Abernathy Forensics Society. He also served as President of the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) collegiate chapter. In this position he set up the chapter’s first ever for profit student run advertising agency, began the Roy Kelsey Scholarship Program, exceeded a membership goal of over three hundred students, and received the department of mass communication’s most outstanding AAF member for 2002. As a member of the university’s National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) team, he served as Director of Promotions and Public Relations. In 2001 the team beat over 160 collegiate teams and won second in the nation. He has served as a tour guide, university ambassador, orientation leader, and journalist.

No picture availableProfessor Marjorie Munsterberg

Professor Munsterberg currently is writing a monograph about the development of art criticism in Britain during the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

She received her PhD from Columbia University, where she wrote her dissertation about the British landscape painter J.M.W. Turner. Since then, she has published articles and book reviews about 19th-century British and French art, as well as two books. She was the co-author of World Ceramics from Prehistoric to Modern, published in 1998. Writing About Art, available as both a book and online at, appeared in 2009. Professor Munsterberg has taught at a number of colleges in the New York area, including Columbia and The City College of New York, CUNY. She has been a Peer Reviewer at Saylor Academy since 2012.

coda and me shotProfessor P. Wynn Norman

Professor P. Wynn Norman teaches and/or designs courses for a variety of institutions, including South University, Saylor Academy, and the American College of Applied Science.

Her areas of specialization include public relations and public speaking, but she considers herself more of a true communications generalist, having taught a wide range of subjects, including television and radio production, writing for a wide assortment of media formats, media law, media research, editing and design, and survey courses of various media industries. Dr. Norman earned her degrees at the University of Michigan (PhD), the New York Institute of Technology (MA), and Cornell University (BS). She is also half-way through another MA in English at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. When not working on her online projects, Dr. Norman is busy supporting her horse breeding business, which achieved international recognition after producing a record-breaking Olympic contender and double gold medal winner at the Pan Am games.

OddoProfessor Alfonso R. Oddo

Professor Alfonso R. Oddo is a Professor Emeritus at Niagara University. He teaches accounting, taxation, and CPA review courses at Niagara.

He earned an MBA degree in accounting from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and he is a Certified Public Accountant in New York State. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. He received the Sears Award for teaching excellence and campus leadership, and the Vincentian Mission Award. His current research interests include business ethics, international accounting issues, and innovative learning models. He has published many research papers, and is an author and reviewer of accounting textbooks and computer software.

Sailatha PathapaduProfessor Sailatha Pathapadu

Professor Sailatha Pathapadu is currently working as an adjunct instructor in Northern Virginia Community College at Annandale Campus in Virginia. Biology and Education are the areas of her expertise.

She earned Master of Science and Master of Education from Osmania University in India. With ten years of experience in teaching Biology and Education to undergraduate and graduate student, she is now focusing on online teaching. She completed ‘Quality Matters Training program’ and is a certified online instructor from Virginia Community College System’s TOTAL (Topics in Online Teaching and Learning) program.

No picture availableDr. Marianna Pintér

Dr. Marianna Pintér is a scientist, and instructor at Pima Community College, as an Adjunct faculty in biology & chemistry.

She studied chemistry at the ELTE University in Budapest, and specialized in the biochemical changes during learning and memory formation. Dr. Pintér completed her PhD by continuing research in the same field. She has been fortunate to be deeply engaged in research for many years in different countries, including the Institute of Enzymology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Budapest, Hungary), the Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden), the University of Arizona (Tucson AZ), the Weizmann Institute (Rehovot, Israel), the Ruhr University (Bochum, Germany), and the Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden). Dr. Pintér has worked in the fields of genetics, neurobiology, animal behavior and physiology, molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and immunology. Her best results have described differential gene expression memory consolidation, and link a posttranslational modification change to short-term memory. She has taught and developed general biology and chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, biology for allied health, human nutrition, organic and biochemistry, forensic chemistry, biomedical ethics classes, and Hungarian in the Critical Languages Program. As a Strategic Consultant, Dr. Pintér has contributed to Saylor Academy efforts to develop open web courses in the fields of biology and chemistry, such as molecular biology, biotechnology, and bioorganic chemistry courses. She has also contributed to the open web microbiology and genetics courses.

tony_pizurProfessor Tony Pizur

Professor Tony Pizur teaches at Regis University, Baker College, and Capella University. He specializes in economics and strategy.

He earned his degrees from the International University of Kyrgyzstan (PhD), Brown University (A.M.), and Canisius College (BA). He enjoys all the things that NY City has to offer like rooftop gardening, unique shows, and fine dining. Tony has worked with Saylor Academy in a number of roles for the past three years.

Mixalis PoulakisProfessor Michael Poulakis

Professor Michael Poulakis teaches Psychology at the University of Indianapolis.

His specialty area is cross cultural psychology, but he also teaches classes ranging from Intro to Psych to Doctorate Level courses. Dr. Poulakis (or “Dr. P” as his students call him) earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees at the University of Indianapolis. Dr. Poulakis loves to watch movies and build computers in his spare time, and is married and the father to wonderful twin boys. He has worked with Saylor Academy for almost a year.

KQuinnMs. Kelly Quinn

Ms. Kelly Quinn is a K12MATH Course Designer for Saylor Academyand also a 6th-8th grade mathematics teacher in Spokane, Washington, USA.

In addition to teaching, Ms. Quinn is an avid athlete, who enjoys hiking, biking and preparing for the Ironman Triathlon. She received her Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Seattle Pacific U. in Washington. She is excited about the opportunity to be a part of the future of education, as it expands, grows, and becomes more accessible online through OER. One of her favorite aspects of her job is the chance to think about the most effective way possible to deliver the curriculum. Ms. Quinn encourages students to always strive to learn. To learn more, please see her website.

RahimDr. Emad Rahim

Dr. Rahim has over a decade of business development experience as an executive, principal consultant, senior researcher, project manager and entrepreneur.

He has managed a diverse portfolio of business related projects in both public and private sectors. He previously served as Director of Venture Connect and Professor of Entrepreneurship at SUNY Morrisville State College and the Chief Learning Officer for Global i365 LLC. He earned a Post Doctorate Diploma from Tulane University in Marketing and Management, Post Doctorate Certificate in Online Education Administration from University of Maryland University College (UMUC), Doctorate in Management from Colorado Technical University, Masters in Project Management, and completed his undergraduate studies at SUNY Empire State College. He is also a certified project manager (PMP), certified manager (CM), and completed leadership training at Harvard University, Cornell University and MIT. He has published over 40 articles in peer-review journals and co-authored the book “Leading Through Diversity: Transforming Managers into Effective Leaders.” He has been contributing to the efforts of Saylor Academy since 2012.

Rai,Bharatendra_0001_webProfessor Bharatendra K. Rai

Professor Rai is an Associate Professor business statistics and operations management at the Charlton College of Business, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.

He completed PhD in Industrial Engineering from Wayne State University, Detroit and later worked at Ford as quality/reliability engineer. His research interests include big data research, quality/reliability engineering, robust design, and applications in forecasting, data mining, and pattern recognition. He has a master in quality, reliability, and operations research from Indian Statistical Institute and another master in statistics from Meerut University. He also worked at Indian Statistical Institute as a SQC specialist providing consulting to Indian industries. He has authored a book, book chapter, and over 50 journal and conference papers.

Harold ReiterProfessor Harold B. Reiter

Professor Harold B. Reiter has taught mathematics at UNC Charlotte since 1972 including brief stints at Clemson University, University of Maryland, and Kingston University near London.

His specialty is discrete mathematics, including combinatorics and graph theory. He enjoys puzzling, especially KenKen, playing bridge, and reading. During the summer he can be found teaching at math camps for middle schoolers, and that is especially fun when one of his two grandsons is taking part. Visit his website at to see more.

Denean RobinsonDr. Denean Robinson

Over the last seven years, Dr. Robinson has been developing and facilitating Marketing, Human Resource Development, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development and Change Management courses/seminars at various universities and organizations across the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Dr. Denean Robinson received her BS. Degree in Family Studies and Counseling in 1994. In 1998, she earned a master’s degree in Executive Management from the University of Maryland University College. In 2009, Dr. Robinson completed her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Argosy University in Arlington, Virginia. In addition, Dr. Robinson has developed customized curriculums and educational programs for various state government and private agencies in the areas of career development, personal management, and strategic planning. In 2010, Dr. Robinson begun to receive personal invitations from chapter Presidents to present HR/Executive Training courses to various Society of Human Resource Management chapters across the area. She started her own Educational, Business and Technology Consulting Company three years ago in Montgomery County entitled “Strategic Creations.” Strategic Creations mission is to enhance professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes of executives of profit and nonprofit organizations. Strategic Creations develops 21st century training as a purposeful and intentional process. We consciously design our trainings to bring about positive change and improvement.

John2Attorney John W. Rooney, Ph.D.

Attorney John W. Rooney, Ph.D. is admitted to the Massachusetts State Bar and the U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts, and is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a U.S. Patent Attorney.

He holds degrees from University of California, Berkeley (BA, Molecular Biology) and Harvard University (PhD, Genetics). Prior to becoming an attorney, Dr. Rooney worked as a drug development scientist for multiple biotech and pharmaceutical companies. While in law school he interned at Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington, Vermont, under the Offices of Integrity and Compliance, Risk Management, and General Counsel. His practice now focuses on Patent, Trademark, and Theft of Trade Secrets litigation in Federal Court. He is with Aquilla Patents & Marks, PLLC. For more information about John, please visit him at:

nr-nov08Dr. Norman Rose

Dr. Norman Rose was formerly an assistant professor of education at University of Nevada – Reno.

For the past several years, he has taught online for such institutions as Post University, Ashford University, and most recently American Public University. He specializes in the areas of human development, educational psychology, and educational technology. Dr. Rose has also served as instructional designer and subject matter expert to develop online courses for several universities, just as he has done for Saylor Academy for the past three years. In his free time, Dr. Rose enjoys hiking and non-gourmet cooking. He is also a music composer with seven albums in his discography.

Conchi2Professor Concepcion Saenz-Cambra

Professor Concepcion (Conchi) Saenz-Cambra teaches history of the Silk Road at New York University.

She specializes in international relations and cultural exchange in the early modern period. She has received numerous fellowships by national and international organizations, including the Fulbright Commission, the Swedish Institute, the American Philosophical Society, and the AHRC, among many others. Professor Saenz-Cambra earned her degrees at the University of Deusto (BA) and the University of Edinburgh (MS by Research and PhD). Professor Saenz-Cambra has worked with Saylor Academy for the past three years because she believes education should a right and not a privilege.

Melinda Head ShotProfessor Melinda Salzer

Professor Melinda Salzer teaches business and marketing classes at Berkeley College and Brookdale Community College.

Additionally, Melinda is a Marketing Consultant. She works with small and medium-sized businesses in a wide range of industries providing services in marketing plan development and implementation, strategic planning, marketing research, website content, and other marketing materials. She received a BA in Television and Radio Production from Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, and an MBA in Marketing from St. John’s University, Jamaica, NY. Melinda has participated in 5 long distance (40 miles each) charity walks and has successfully completed 2 Sprint Distance triathlons. She has been with Saylor Academy since January of 2012 and enjoys being able to participate in this wonderful educational initiative.

BrandyDr. Brandy Schillace

Managing Editor, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry

A medical humanist as well as literary scholar, Dr. Schillace spends her time in the mist-shrouded alleyways between the literary humanities and medical history. She is the managing editor of Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, an international journal of cross-cultural health research. She is also the author of the Fiction Reboot and Literary Medicine’s Daily Dose blogs, The Reboot provides useful tips and information for writers, weekly fiction features and interviews with authors of fiction and poetry. The mission of the Dose is to honor, support, and share perspectives about medicine and humanities across cultures and disciplines. Dr. Schillace’s research and writing span these twin interests. In addition to multiple published articles, she is completing a research–in part through a Wood Institute grant–for a book titled A Subject Dark and Intricate about 18th century medicine and Gothic narrative. She is also working on two YA series, a mystery series, and a novel about rogue scholarship and nefarious goats. Dr. Schillace leads international conferences for, does consulting and free-lance work, and spends a lot of time in museums. She has taught Gothic literature, history of psychology, YA fiction and creative writing at Winona State University and Case Western Reserve University… and in Paris. Let’s not forget Paris.

Ann S.Professor Ann Schlosser

Professor Ann Schlosser develops and teaches Biology courses at Moberly Area Community College, Stephens College and Highland Community College.

Ann earned her BS at the University of Kentucky her MS at Miami University (Ohio) and has completed post-graduate work in science education at the University of Missouri. She initially taught in both traditional and online classrooms and now focuses her teaching exclusively online. Ann enjoys online courses and feels the anonymity allows students who normally would be reticent in a traditional classroom to feel more comfortable and thrive online. The fact that it gives students the freedom to work when and where they want, which is important for students that have families, jobs and just plain “life,” is an aspect of online learning Ann works hard to support. She particularly has enjoyed her work with Saylor Academyover the past 3 years and feels she is lucky to be part of the open courseware movement making higher education available to everyone. In her personal time Ann loves wood turning, pottery making, travel and a good book of fiction or comedic biographies.

Abby SharpProfessor Abby Sharp

Professor Abby Sharp works in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Wright State University.

She developed a love for teaching at an early age and has taken advantage of every opportunity to teach/train students of varying ages since then. In addition to her specialty in the field of Mathematics, Professor Sharp also has a passion for professional development and leadership as she believes in preparing individuals for their future careers in subject matter expertise as well as business sense. Professor Sharp earned her degrees at Cedarville University (BA) and Ashford University (MBA) and her hobbies include photography, design, volleyball, and spending time with family and friends. Professor Sharp has worked with Saylor Academy for the last 9 months due to her belief in providing a meaningful education to anyone who wants it.


Professor Debbie Soden has taught business professionals around the world on a variety of business topics.

She has a wealth of business, IT, and project management experience working for one of the world’s largest IT consulting firms, IBM. Professor Soden earned her degrees at Colorado State University (BS & BA in CIS) and CSU-Global Campus (MSM in Organizational Leadership and Change Management). In addition, Professor Soden holds the PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. In her spare time, she can be found biking and skiing with her husband and four boys. Professor Soden joined Saylor Academy in October of 2012 because of her passion to “help others achieve their educational goals”.

Ali_Soylu_2_PRINTDr. Ali Soylu

Dr. Ali Soylu is an Assistant Professor of Management, founder and faculty advisor for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) student chapter and currently teaching in School of Business at Cameron University in Lawton, OK.

He has earned his PhD degree from Fox School of Business and Management, Temple University, and his MBA degree (in Finance) from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.

StaffordProfessor Richard Todd Stafford

Consulting Professor Richard Todd Stafford teaches in the Honor’s College and the New Century College at George Mason University.

He specializes in digital media studies and green cultural criticism, a seemingly contradictory pairing of interests that play well together nonetheless. Consulting Professor Stafford earned his degrees in English at The College of William and Mary (BA) and Virginia Tech (MA), and is working on a PhD in Cultural Studies at George Mason. In his spare time, he rides his bicycle, reads science fiction, dreams of having a yard with a garden, and fiddles with his GNU/linux computers. Professor Stafford has worked with Saylor Academy for the past year as part of his continuing commitment to free culture.

Lenny TevlinProfessor Lenny Tevlin

Professor Lenny Tevlin teaches at the Liberal Studies Program at New York University.

While his background is in theoretical physics (PhD, City University of New York), Prof. Tevlin’s current research is in algebraic combinatorics. When he is not working, he tries to ski, travel, hike, play tennis as much as possible. Professor Tevlin has been working with Saylor Academy since last summer.

David ToyeDr. David Toye

Dr. David Toye grew up in the Southern California near Los Angeles and earned his degrees in History at California State University, Long Beach (BA) and University of California, Santa Barbara (MA, PhD).

After a one year teaching position at Oklahoma State University, he came to Northeast State Community College, nestled in the beautiful Southern Appalachians of East Tennessee, where he has taught courses in United States and World History as well as Ancient Civilizations and Ancient Greek for nearly 20 years. Professor Toye has conducted research and published articles in the field of ancient Greek historiography, which focuses on the analysis of the works of ancient Greek historians. He has worked for Saylor Academy for two years and is excited about the prospect of making the study of history more accessible to people around the world through the work of this foundation.

C.WilkinsProfessor Chris Wilkins

Professor Chris Wilkins teaches Business Technology at Clark College in Washington State.

She earned her degrees at Oregon State University (BA) and Troy State University (MS). She went to Japan after finishing her first degree in anthropology and taught English as a second language. She fell in love with teaching. While there working for Sony many of her students were going off to work in other countries as the managers or leaders of their organizations. Her students would ask how to act as a manager or how to negotiate in a western company. Since her anthropology degree didn’t equip her to answer these questions, she decided to get a graduate degree in management so she could be a better teacher. In graduate school she fell in love with computers. When she came back to the states she decided to teach computer topics and help everyone else learn to love computers too. Professor Chris, as her students call her, has worked with Saylor Academy since the summer of 2012. She is amazed at all of the great stuff that is on the internet and appreciates that anyone who wants to learn can do so for free. Even though technology can be frustrating at times, it is always truly amazing!

Guiyun Zhang-01-1-1Dr. Guiyun Zhang

Dr. Guiyun Zhang is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology,Anatomy & Cell Biology at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.

Dr. Zhang teaches Gross Anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy, Embryology, and Neuroscience to medical students and allied health professionals at Jefferson Medical College. Dr. Zhang is devoted to improving medical education. She is creating novel, computerized learning tools to support and augment medical education. She is co-authoring a Q&A Review of Histology textbook for self-assessment and board review. She also reaches out to the surrounding community, including high school students, to promote interest in medicine and biomedical sciences. Her research interests focus on fibrillogenesis of connective tissues. Previously, Dr. Zhang was an established and recognized parasitologist in China with numerous publications in the field of immuno-molecular parasitology. Dr. Zhang received her MD from Shanxi Medical University and PhD from Nanjing Medical University in China. She has been working on and reviewing the histology course for Saylor Academysince 2012 and is excited to help make the free education offered by Saylor Academy a high quality and valuable learning resource for its students.

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