CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I

Overview | CS101

Course Description

CS101 uses Java — a high-level, portable, and well-constructed computer programming language — to introduce a variety of fundamental topics within the field of computer science, touching upon basic concepts, nomenclature, and historical perspectives of computers and computing.

Course learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • describe the history of computing;
  • describe fundamental hardware and software concepts;
  • explain how the JVM translates Java code into executable code;
  • explain Object-Oriented Programming concepts such as objects, classes, inheritance and polymorphism;
  • write simple programs using basic Java concepts;
  • describe and use primitive data types in Java;
  • describe and use logical and relational operators and compare Boolean expressions;
  • explain and use various control structures such as methods, decision statements, and loops;
  • use exception handling mechanism; and
  • use Java input/output class hierarchy to read and write data to and from external files.

How to Begin

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