The main function of Resource Guides is to aid course designers in the course creation process. Saylor courses are created through a curated approach, rather than produced like your average MOOC. Because of this, we place great value in the identification and vetting of high-quality Open Educational Resources (OER). While these guides are great places to start as you build your own course, keep in mind that the quantity of OER is growing everyday and that there are probably many more resources available for you now then there was when we put these guides together (also note that we do not have resource guides available for all of the Saylor Academy courses published on our site, though you are welcome to look directly in the developed courses to see which pieces of OER were used). Each guide is available as a public Google Doc, which can be downloaded in multiple other file formats. As with other Saylor created resources, these all have a Creative Commons Attribution license. Feel free to share and build upon these guides. Happy learning!


Grades 6-12

Art History



Business Administration



Computer Science

Customer Service



English Composition

English Literature

Environmental Science

English as a Second Language

Foreign Language




Masters in Business Administration

Mechanical Engineering

Medical Office Assistant Certificate



Political Science

Professional Development