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Students can earn credit at Granite State College for each of the Saylor Direct courses listed below.


Course Equivalencies

Saylor Academy Course Granite State College course or requirement
BIO101: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology General education requirement for a course in Scientific Inquiry
BUS203: Principles of Marketing MGMT 514 Principles of Marketing
BUS204: Business Statistics MATH 504 Statistics
BUS205: Business Law & Ethics Lower-level elective
BUS208 Principles of Management MGMT 500 Principles of Management
BUS210: Corporate Communications Lower-level management elective
CHEM101: General Chemistry I General education requirement for a course in Scientific Inquiry
CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I CMPL 515 Programming Fundamentals
MA001: College Algebra General education requirement for a course in Quantitative Inquiry
MA005: Calculus I MATH 606 Calculus I
POLSC201: Western Political Thought General education requirement for a course in Cultural Inquiry: International


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Granite State College is one of the four institutions of the University System of New Hampshire, New Hampshire’s public university system. Our primary mission is to serve as the system’s statewide college for adults, in addition to being New Hampshire’s leader in delivering online education. We are proud to offer associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, post-baccalaureate programs for teacher education, transfer opportunities, and online degree programs. By offering degree programs in high-demand fields combined with flexible scheduling, Granite State College makes it possible to balance the responsibilities of work and/or family while earning a college degree.