Saylor Academy Degree Completion Partner:


University of Vermont Health Network Employees/Volunteers and Their Families
Use Saylor Academy courses to:

  • expand professional knowledge
  • prepare for a degree program
  • or even to transfer into a college credit program for any of Saylor Academy’s partner schools.

Professional Development Courses: Improve your productivity and skills immediately.
PRDV005 Time and Stress Management
Increase productivity with the resources to identify, cope with and overcome stressors and distractions in our Time and Stress Management course.


PRDV104 Professional Etiquette
Professional etiquette covers key principles in workplace courtesy, communication and embracing workplace diversity.Click here to find more Professional Development Courses.Short Skill-Based Courses: Expand your Skills in Basic Computer Applications


Learn or “refresh” basic skills for creating letters or other documents with our word processing course.


PRDV004 Spreadsheets
Learn spreadsheets to prepare reports, track progress and create budgets.


Tuition-free Credit Courses: Getting Ahead. 

Interested in a degree program? Or want to check out deeper learning?
Please see our Saylor Direct credit courses for information on receiving tuition-free college credit.