Welcome, Wesley Housing Residents, Students and Staff!

You can use Saylor Academy courses for professional development/job training, to study for classes, and even to earn credit toward your degree! You can learn more about our college credit eligible courses here, and the colleges that accept our courses for credit here.

Saylor Academy courses are tuition-free and developed by college professors to provide easy-to-follow learning at your own pace.

Featured Resources:

Enroll here! Courses feature text, video lectures, and quizzes to check your learning.

If you are interested in a degree program, you can study or “refresh” subjects such as College Algebra and Real World Math (if you need more support) to get started.

If you are interested in a computer science program, our Computer Science resources will introduce you to programming languages.

Professional Development/Job Training

Check out Customer Service, Professional Writing and Interviewing Skills resources to advance to your next career.

Our Spreadsheets course is also a great resource for reference.

For those interested in career enhancement, please review resources in Corporate Communication and Principles of Management.