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$5,000 Bachelors Degree Pathway

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Pathway Overview

Saylor Academy has partnered with Qualifi, a UK Awarding Organization, and City Vision University, an accredited online university based in Kansas City, Missouri, to increase global access to higher education by providing a two-year degree pathway to students for under $2,000 and a four-year degree pathway for under $5,000.

This unique partnership creates a path for students to access the free independent-study content provided by Saylor Academy, have it endorsed by a regulated United Kingdom Awarding Organization, take a third year from that Awarding Organization, and then transfer all their credits to City Vision University for a final year degree completion program.

Qualifi has agreed to endorse the first two years provided by Saylor Academy, convert them into an Ofqual regulated program with recognition through the European Qualifications Framework and NARIC, and issue a Qualifi Certificate for each successful year. Students may then complete their third year through Qualifi’s Level 5 in Business or Health and Social Care, achieving three years of an undergraduate degree. For their final year, students can then transfer their work to City Vision University for a degree completion program through instructor-led online courses.


Degree Path (Summary)

Associate’s Degree Cost
Saylor Academy Proctoring Fees (See Proctoring Information Below) $375
Qualifi Credit Endorsement and Transcript Fee $100
City Vision Tuition: 5 Associate's Degree Courses $1,300
Total Two Year Cost of Associate's Degree $1,775
Bachelor’s Degree Cost
Cost of Associate's Degree $1,775
Qualifi tuition & accreditation + Athena support for Year 3 $800
Saylor Academy Proctoring Fees in Year 4 $125
City Vision Tuition for 5 Courses in Year 4 $2,000
Total Four Year Cost of Bachelor's Degree $4,700

Additional Notes

Accreditation & Financial Aid
City Vision is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), which is recognized by the US Department of Education and CHEA. Qualifying students in the US may receive federal financial aid for any courses taken with City Vision, including Pell Grants and federal student loans as well as VA benefits.

Order of Course Work
Students can begin the Saylor Academy coursework listed below and then later register with Qualifi and/or City Vision University when they are near completion of the Saylor Academy requirements and ready to transfer.

Exam Proctoring
To earn credit for each Saylor Academy course in this program, your final exam must be proctored (that is, your attempt must be monitored or invigilated). Our approved proctoring service is a company called ProctorU. You will be able to take the exam in a secure, quiet place with a dependable network connection; people most often take the exam at home. Each attempt will cost $25 USD (this fee is assessed by ProctorU and may be subject to change).

Complete steps for scheduling and taking an exam with ProctorU are available in our Help Center. The video "Online Proctoring: How it works" from ProctorU will also help you better understand the proctoring process.


Degree Pathway (Detail)

Associates Degree Track


YEAR TWO -- 5 Courses via Saylor/Qualifi and 5 Courses at City Vision UniversitySaylor Academy courses

Human Resource Management
Management Leadership
Organizational Behavior
Principles of Marketing
Project Management

City Vision courses to complete Associates Degree:

English Composition
Business Communications
Work, Vocation and Calling
High Tech Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management


Bachelors Degree Track


YEAR THREE -- Students will take Year 3 via Qualifi and choose one of the following specializations:Business Enterprise (Entrepreneurship) OR Business Management

Questions about Year 3 should be directed to [email protected]


YEAR FOUR -- Students will take 5 instructor-led courses at City Vision University and 5 self-paced courses at Saylor Academy:Saylor Academy courses

Principles of Finance
Strategic Management
Business Law
Negotiations and Conflict Management
Strategic Information Technology

City Vision courses

Accounting Principles I
Accounting Principles II
Business Ethics
+ 2 Business/Technology Electives.

To find out more and enroll, watch the video below from Dr. Andrew Sears of City Vision University and visit