All Saylor Academy courses will eventually be peer reviewed by a panel of three subject matter experts with college-level teaching experience. This peer review panel will carefully examine and assess course structure and design, the quality and scope of  assigned materials, and the course’s alignment with stated learning outcomes. The goal of the peer review process is to ensure that our courses are accurate, comprehensive, and pedagogically sound.

The peer review process begins when a course has been finalized and uploaded to our site. Saylor staff reaches out to several peer reviewers for their assistance. These peer reviewers work through the course and its exam and provide detailed feedback on a variety of criteria via a peer review form. Next, we organize these forms into one peer review synthesis report, which details all required and recommended edits and updates to the course. Once this report has been approved, Saylor staff asks one of its faculty members to implement the proposed edits to the course, and, finally, uploads all completed edits to the site.