Haitian Connection Network

Program Description

Haitian Connection Network (HCN) is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, U.S.A, offering an education-to-employment model that empowers students to begin breaking the cycles of hopelessness in Haiti.

The mission is to provide a safe and secure student computer center with complete infrastructure in Haiti, where qualified, economically disadvantaged Haitian students earn higher education degrees/diplomas/certificates online, and job placement assistance in Haiti upon graduation.

HCN  provides students access to the necessary tools for improving their education, employment eligibility, and professional skills, through 3 program initiatives: English as a Second Language (ESL) Program, Higher Education Online, and Job Placement Assistance.

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Program: Taught online through TWOL (Teach the World Online) and with local Haitian facilitators, ESL classes equip Higher Education candidates with the English language skills necessary for the online programs where an advanced level of English is required. The ESL program provides a set curriculum for improving an individual’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Higher Education Online ProgramQualified students pursue higher education online, improving their knowledge and skill set to obtain degrees, diplomas and/or certificates from our network of online institutions organizations based in the USA. Students attend online classes, which are entirely in English, inside the Student Computer Center in Montrouis, Haiti 5 days per week for duration of 2.5-3 years.
  • Job Placement Assistance: In a proactive effort, HCN is committed to assisting its graduates gain internships and/or employment in Haiti. Ongoing workshops, seminars, online courses, as well as person-to-person mentoring in resume writing, cover letters, office computer programs, interview and effective communication techniques have proven to be successful.

Saylor.org’s Role

HCN utilizes the Saylor Program as a resource to provide education online for students to receive the equivalent of an Associate Degree in Haiti. Students are able to complete courses in Business Administration or Communications areas of study; with all students taking courses in General Education and Professional Development to build their soft skills. Upon completion of each course, Saylor.org gives the students a certificate of completion as proof of their achievement; this is kept on file as an academic record for all potential employers to review if requested. Students must follow the recommended academic course outline for their specific area of study, and complete each required course successfully in order to become a graduate of HCN and receive job placement assistance. 

Saylor.org Programs

Business Administration
Professional Development

Specific Courses Utilized

General Education

Business Administration (Complete BUS101, the core program (12 courses), as well as BUS501 and 5 electives of your choice (6 courses) for a total of 19 courses.

Foundational Business Courseware

Core Program

Elective Courses

Communications (Complete the Core and Advanced courses from either track)

Core Program: Communication Studies

Core Program: Mass Communication

Advanced Courses: Communication Studies

Advanced Courses: Mass Communication

Professional Development (Complete all courses)