The twenty-two Saylor Academy courses listed below have alternate final exams that have been recommended for credit by at least one of two organizations, ACE CREDIT and NCCRS. Briefly, these courses are tuition-free, with low associated fees for exam proctoring and transcripts; fully online; completely self-paced, with exams available 24/7; guaranteed for credit at over a dozen Saylor Academy partner schools, with hundreds more that will consider the courses for credit.

Depending on where you are in your college career, you can save thousands of dollars by earning up to a full year of tuition-free credit transferable to great partners, including Thomas Edison State University in New Jersey; University of Maryland, University College, Excelsior College, and many more listed on our college credit transfer partner page.

The basic process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Take the course
  2. Pass the credit-recommended exam in proctored conditions
  3. Have your transcript sent to a school
  4. Enjoy extremely affordable college credit

Be sure to explore this page for important details and note the address; you will likely need to refer back to this page along the way. Below you will find a list of credit-recommended courses, a complete checklist to be sure you are on the right path, information on proctoring and transcripts, an FAQ section, more information on the organizations that have recommended our materials for credit, and additional resources for affordable college credit.


Available Courses

Course NCCRS ACE Credits
BIO101: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology 3
BUS101: Introduction to Business 3
BUS103: Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
BUS203: Principles of Marketing 3
BUS204: Business Statistics 3
BUS205: Business Law and Ethics 3
BUS208: Principles of Management 3
BUS210: Corporate Communication 3
CHEM101: General Chemistry I 3
CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I 3
ECON101: Principles of Microeconomics  ✓ 3
ECON102: Principles of Macroeconomics  ✓ 3
ENVS203: Environmental Ethics, Justice & World Views  ✓ 3
MA001: College Algebra 3
MA005: Calculus I 4
MA121: Introduction to Statistics 3
PHYS101: Introduction to Mechanics 3
PHYS102: Introduction to Electromagnetism 3
POLSC201 Introduction to Western Political Thought 3
POLSC221: Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
PSYCH101: Introduction to Psychology 2
SOC101: Introduction to Sociology 1

Checklist: What you will need to do

Before you begin

▢ Find out whether your school(s) will grant credit for courses in the Saylor Direct program
Review this Guide and the linked resources thoroughly, including the sections on proctoring, transcripts, and frequently asked questions; get in touch with additional questions that you have
Choose your courses and determine a plan and timeline for completion

Prepare for your exam

Take the course associated with your exam
Take the regular certificate exam for practice
Review your exam as well as the learning objectives for the course and units

Schedule and Take your exam

Familiarize yourself with the proctoring process
Schedule your proctored exam with ProctorU
Take and pass your exam

Send your transcript to schools

Fill out and submit a transcript request form AND/OR
Request your transcript through ACE

Save or print this checklist

Recognition of Credit

Remember that Saylor Academy does not and cannot “grant credit” – the option to grant credit always belongs to the college or university and will further depend on whether a course fits into your degree program. We work with a number of official partners to guarantee recognition, however, and both NCCRS and ACE have large networks of institutions that typically will give credit for these courses. Specifically:

  • Saylor Academy partner schools guarantee credit (assuming a course fits your degree program needs). Visit the Partner Schools page and click on each school to see details and conditions.
  • NCCRS maintains a list of Cooperating Colleges and Universities that have agreed to consider NCCRS recommendations for credit. You can refer your school, as necessary, to the information maintained by NCCRS on Saylor Academy courses and recommendations.
  • ACE CREDIT maintains a College and University Network of schools that have agreed to consider ACE CREDIT recommendations for credit.
  • Saylor Academy is a course provider institution in the Alternative Credit Project™ from the American Council on Education. All fourteen courses recommended by ACE are included in the ACP.
  • Note: always verify with your school(s) that you will be able to earn credit based on these recommendations! The Registrar and the Admissions office can offer advice on their transfer and alternative credit policies.


To earn recommendation for college credit, your exam must be proctored (that is, your attempt must be monitored). Our approved proctoring service is a company called ProctorU. You will be able to take the exam in a secure, quiet place with a dependable network connection; people most often take the exam at home. Each attempt will cost $25 USD (this fee is assessed by ProctorU).

Complete steps for scheduling and taking an exam with ProctorU are available in our Help Center. The video Online Proctoring: How it works from ProctorU will also help you better understand how the proctoring process.

For courses recommended by NCCRS, alternative arrangements with an in-person proctor are also possible. More details are in our Help Center.


Recommended by NCCRS

Saylor Academy fulfills transcript requests for courses recommended for credit by NCCRS. Complete the transcript request form (paying attention to the notes, where applicable) and we will take care of the rest!

Recommended by ACE

Transcripts for courses recommended for credit by ACE are fulfilled by ACE CREDIT. The ACE Transcript Service offers a lifelong record for students who have successfully completed our courses that have been reviewed by ACE CREDIT. Transcripts fulfilled directly by ACE CREDIT have the benefit of being able to combine courses from multiple ACE reviewed providers, including those other providers taking part in the Alternative Credit Project™. This service enables adult learners to present a nationally recognized transcript to the college or university of their choice for the potential award of academic credit.

Students will need to pay a one-time $40 registration fee to use the ACE Credit Transfer service. That fee includes one transcript, which will be sent to the college of your choice.

Additional transcripts cost $15 each. For more information and to make you transcript request, visit the ACE CREDIT Transcript Service website.

If you do not wish to have your transcripts sent by ACE CREDIT, then Saylor Academy will fulfill transcript requests for courses recommended for credit by ACE. Complete the transcript request form (paying attention to the notes, where applicable) and we will take care of the rest! Please note however that transcripts sent to schools directly from Saylor Academy will not include information about the ACE credit recommendation, which may impact your school’s willingness to accept the courses listed for credit transfer.

Proctored exams not recommended by ACE or NCCRS

Some courses that have not been recommended for credit by ACE or by NCCRS also provide the option to take proctored exams. (Typically, these courses are directly recognized for credit as part of a specific partner program). Saylor Academy will issue a paper transcript for these exams; use the same transcript request form as for courses recommended by NCCRS.

College Credit FAQ

We briefly answer a wide variety of college credit questions below; please also visit our Help Center for more details. When in doubt, we always recommend getting in touch with your school (advisor, Admissions, Registrar, etc.).

Do I have to take the entire course? Can I just take the exam?

Taking the course is very much recommended, but not required – your recommendation for college credit is based entirely on passing the proctored exam.

What is a passing score on the exam?

Like our certificate exams, a passing score is 70%. We recommend that you take the certificate exam one or more times as preparation and so that you will better know what to expect from the proctored exam.

How much does everything cost?

  • Our courses and certificate exams are completely free of cost – no tuition and no fees for materials
  • Each exam attempt with ProctorU costs $25 USD
  • Obtaining your transcript from ACE CREDIT carries a one-time fee of $40 USD
  • Each additional transcript from ACE CREDIT is $15 USD
  • There are currently no fees for obtaining your paper transcript from Saylor Academy, although we encourage you to make a small donation to help offset our administrative costs
  • Although somewhat unusual, individual schools may charge fees to transfer in credit.

What are NCCRS and ACE?

These are independent organizations that have evaluated a selection of our courses and exams and then recommended that students completing those exams should receive college credit. Both organizations maintain large networks of colleges and universities, primarily located in the United States, that agree to consider their recommendations.

What schools offer credit for these courses? How do I find out if my school will recognize these courses?

Both NCCRS and ACE have large networks of colleges and universities that have agreed to consider their recommendations in granting credit for students, and Saylor Academy has a number of partner schools that have committed more strongly to recognizing credit. Please see the “Recognition of Credit” section above for links and details.

Do I have to take a proctored exam?

Yes. To sustain the recommendation for credit and to maintain the integrity of our proctored exams, we must hold students to particular testing conditions.

Can I take the exam more than once?

Yes, you can take the exam as many times as you wish. There is a two week waiting period between each attempt and each attempt will incur the $25 USD proctoring fee.

I see more than one exam – which one do I take?

The credit-recommended exams are labeled “Saylor Direct Credit Final Exam” to distinguish them from our regular certificate exams.

Will the proctored exam be the same as the regular certificate exam?

The proctored exam will be similar to, but not identical to, the certificate exam for the same course. Each exam is built to test the same learning outcomes. Each attempt of either exam will be different from other attempts, as the exam you take at any given time will pull semi-randomly from a larger pool of test questions.

Do I need to use ProctorU?

Using ProctorU is the simplest, most direct, and (we think) most convenient method. For exams recommended by NCCRS, you can arrange for an in-person proctor, however. See the “Proctoring” section above for details.

What should I expect on “test day”?

When you are ready to start your exam, after connecting with your proctor, you will log into the Saylor Academy site and navigate to the exam. Proctored exams are password protected; when prompted, your proctor will enter the password. Once you have started the exam, you have two hours to complete and submit your answers. You will find out your score immediately.

Will I get a letter grade?

Your exam score, as a percent, is your grade for the course. Saylor Academy does not convert these into letter grades. The recommendation for credit is made on the basis of passing your exam with 70% or higher.

What courses will appear on my transcript?

If your transcript is sent by Saylor Academy, you will have the option to include all or only some of the courses for which you have passed proctored exams. That is, if you have passed three proctored exams, you can include just one, two, or all three courses on the transcript.

Can I get credit for “X” course?

The only courses that we have widely, explicitly connected to college credit are those listed in this guide. We intend to seek additional recommendations in the future, and there are additional options for college credit you may wish to look into; see the section “Additional College Credit Options” below for details.


About NCCRS | nationalccrs.org

“Since 1973, NCCRS (National College Credit Recommendation Service, formerly National PONSI) has been evaluating training and education programs offered outside of the traditional college classroom setting and translating them into college credit equivalencies.

“NCCRS coordinates teams of college faculty evaluators and subject matter experts to conduct extensive reviews of education and training programs offered by corporations, unions, religious organizations and proprietary schools.

“NCCRS strives to help working adults and other students earn credit for learning acquired outside of the college classroom. Over 1,500 cooperating colleges and universities will consider granting actual college credit based on our credit recommendations and in accordance with their own transfer policies.”

Saylor Academy’s organizational listing page can be found here.

About ACE CREDIT | acenet.edu/credit

The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) has evaluated and recommended college credit for two of Saylor Academy’s Courses. Founded in 1918, ACE is the major coordinating body for all the nation’s higher education institutions, representing more than 1,600 college and university presidents and more than 200 related associations nationwide. It provides leadership on key higher education issues and influences public policy through advocacy.

For more than 30 years, colleges and universities have trusted ACE CREDIT to provide reliable course equivalency information to facilitate their decisions to award academic credit.

Saylor Academy’s organizational listing page can be found here. Note that the courses listed here do not include all of our courses that have been recommended by ACE, because those courses which fall under the Alternative Credit Project are listed separately. The list of courses in this college credit guide is kept complete and up to date.

Additional College Credit Options & Suggestions

Alternative Credit Project™

The Alternative Credit Project™ (ACP) from the American Council on Education brings together 100+ free and low-cost courses, 40+ participating schools, and several course providers including Saylor Academy. See also our ACP page and the full Alternative Credit Project Ecosystem listing.

Third-party exams for credit

A number of widely-known and less well-known credit exams exist, including several proprietary to individual schools. The latter can be a good approach because passing those exams typically earns the student immediate credit at the school that offers the exam; the student can either seek a degree through that school or obtain a transcript to transfer that credit elsewhere.

We have aligned several of our courses to third-party credit exams; learn more here.

Prior Learning Assessment

Also known as “PLA” and often done in the form of assessing a portfolio of learning/work, this is one way that some colleges and universities, including many of our partner schools, will provide credit for what you know. Both creating and assessing a portfolio can be a lot of work, so this process is not necessarily an easy path, but is likely more affordable and flexible than taking a course that simply repeats what you already know.

Free And Affordable Credit Courses

We keep a public spreadsheet of college credit opportunities that are low cost or free. We happily accept suggestions for updates and additions. Browse the list.

Other useful resources

Search the Web for terms like “prior learning assessment”, “credit by exam”, and “alternative credit”. Active and knowledgeable communities exist around affordable credit options, such as DegreeForum and DegreeInfo – browse these forums to find tips and answers from many people who are pursuing low-cost degrees.