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Saylor Academy discussion forums updated to Discourse 1.6

Discussion forums upgraded to Discourse 1.6

August 8, 2016

Our discussion forums, based on the open-source Discourse software, got a quiet update today — we moved from version 1.5 to 1.6. A big thanks to John for quietly, quickly, and successfully making this happen earlier today! The major changes can be found at the Discourse project’s blog, here; highlights include stronger security, a new … Read More …

Saylor Academy announcement

You can now re-attempt an exam after 7 days

July 26, 2016

We’d like to announce one recent change you might not have noticed but that many will be glad to see: the waiting period between attempts for regular certificate exams is now 7 days rather than 14 days. Why 7 days? Well, our resident political scientist set up a ranked-order* voting poll so that we could … Read More …

Banner - What does open mean to you

What Does Open Mean to You?

June 16, 2016

Starting today (or the recent past, if you are reading this post in the future), and extending throughout the summer, Saylor Academy will be running a short survey (only 1 required question) aimed at learning more about what the members of our community — students, teachers, and blog readers alike — think about the term … Read More …

Banner - growth chart

Graphing the growth of the Saylor Direct Credit program

June 13, 2016

Can Saylor Academy save college students $1 million in tuition in 2016? In April, we reported on completion of exams for credit recommended courses, in which we estimated confirmed student tuition savings to date of more than $250,000 — that’s about $2,000 per student! With this post, we wanted to share a couple graphs to … Read More …