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Banner - What does open mean to you

What Does Open Mean to You?

June 16, 2016

Starting today (or the recent past, if you are reading this post in the future), and extending throughout the summer, Saylor Academy will be running a short survey (only 1 required question) aimed at learning more about what the members of our community — students, teachers, and blog readers alike — think about the term … Read More …

Banner - growth chart

Graphing the growth of the Saylor Direct Credit program

June 13, 2016

Can Saylor Academy save college students $1 million in tuition in 2016? In April, we reported on completion of exams for credit recommended courses, in which we estimated confirmed student tuition savings to date of more than $250,000 — that’s about $2,000 per student! With this post, we wanted to share a couple graphs to … Read More …

Saylor-WGU partnership

Saylor Partners with Western Governors University

June 2, 2016

Western Governors University, a nonprofit university offering convenient, flexible and affordable education online, and Saylor Academy have established a credit transfer agreement whereby select Saylor Academy courses, passed with a proctored exam, will satisfy corresponding competency equivalencies in several WGU degree programs across multiple disciplines. For several of these degree programs, students can transfer more … Read More …

Announcing Saylor Academy Diplomas

Announcing Saylor Academy Diploma tracks

June 1, 2016

Back in April, we unveiled the new look for our course certificates and teased a new kind of certificate that has long been an open secret in our discussion forums. Around the office and in community discussions, we have been calling them “meta-certificates” or “bundled certificates”, but today we introduce them as Saylor Academy Diplomas … Read More …