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The open textbooks on this page include several titles published through Saylor Academy’s Open Textbook Challenge and a collection of titles re-published by Saylor Academy in 2012.

Many know Saylor Academy for these books, but our main efforts go into creating open online courses. We encourage educators to use our courses, in whole or in part, in their own classrooms. Visit our course site to find more textbooks and curated open educational resources (OER).

About the Books

  • These books are available for you to use, keep, revise, and share under open licenses.
  • Saylor Academy does not own the copyright to any books on this page. Each book’s open license is an agreement between you as the end user and the copyright holder.
  • We do not have supplements (e.g. lecture slides and question banks) available for these textbooks, but our open online courses are useful teaching tools. If you create your own supplementary materials for a book, please consider sharing them under an open license for the benefit of other educators.
  • You can submit issues to our list of errata.

We also encourage you to explore other open textbook collections:

Textbooks by Subject

Except as specifically noted, the textbooks below are reproduced without attribution to the authors or original publisher, as requested by the licensor, and are available under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

Additional formats:

  • PDF copies are available (under slightly different titles) at the 2012 Book Archive.
  • Many of these titles are also available in various formats through the Open Textbook Library and BCcampus.
  • Source code for most titles is available as repositories on our GitHub page. We invite improvements and contributions.

Browse by subject and title below, or search the contents of these books:


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Social Sciences

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Writing and Communication

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Professional and Personal Development

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