Course Completion Certificates

Students who complete Saylor Academy courses earn free, verifiable course completion certificates. Read on to learn how you can put your best foot forward in your professional and personal networks.

Example of a Saylor Academy course certificate, issued to student Jane Doe for course ESL 001.


Certificate Features

Each Saylor Academy course completion certificate shows the following information:

  • Your name, the Saylor Academy logo, and the title of your course
  • The date when your certificate was issued
  • A unique certificate ID that links to an online verification tool
  • The signature of Saylor Academy founder and Trustee Michael Saylor

What can you do with your certificate?

Document your learning for free. With Saylor Academy, you can develop your learning portfolio without breaking the bank; keep your money and keep learning.
Verify your certificate. Anyone with the link can confirm that Saylor Academy issued your certificate.
Display on your LinkedIn profile. With one click, let your LinkedIn network know that you continually pursue excellence through your “always learning” approach!
Share on social media. Let your networks know about your accomplishments — and to help spread the word about Saylor Academy.
Share by link anywhere. Anyone can view the certificates you choose to share with them.
Print or save to PDF. File it away, frame it for the wall, stick it to your refrigerator door, keep an offline copy for your records, attach it to emails, embed it in your website, etc.