Getting Started with Saylor Academy

You can start learning for free today.
Find out what we do, register for an account (it’s free), choose your course or courses, and jump right in!

0. Here’s What We Offer

We are:

  • a nonprofit academy of open learning
  • fully online
  • non-accredited (we do not grant degrees), but our college & university partners are accredited and accept several of our courses to fill requirements in their degree programs

With us, you can:

  • learn for free (here are our courses)
  • start when you want
  • work at your own pace
  • earn course certificates to show off your skills
  • earn college credit for some courses that transfer to our accredited partner colleges

Saylor Academy in a nutshell:

  • Main Site ( — our home base; you’re there right now
  • Learn ( — where you create an account, and take courses, quizzes, and exams
  • Discussion Forums ( — meet and exchange with fellow students

1. Sign Up

Feel free to explore the courses before you decide to sign up; you can see exactly what to expect, and even start learning, if you like.

A. Go to our sign-up page (will open in another tab/window).
B. Follow the prompts
C. Explore your brand-new personal Saylor Academy Dashboard or come on back here

2. Choose Your Courses

Browse the courses and enroll in any that you would like to start. When you are logged in, My Courses will appear at the top of the screen on Learn. You can also bookmark the course page in your browser to return any time.

3. Start Learning

Everything you need is linked from your course — there are no books to buy and no waiting. Just begin at the beginning and move at your own pace through the course.

★ Need Some Help?

Find what you need through our:

  • Student Handbook — a great introduction to studying with Saylor Academy
  • Help Center (FAQ) — short, searchable articles on all the big questions we get
  • Discussion Forums — where to find fellow students, say hello, and share work; also a great place to ask questions of other students and share tips or advice
  • Contact Page — how to get in touch with us; email is best!
  • Help Button — There is a help button (or just a “?” on smaller screens) in the lower-left; click it to send us a message from any page.

Tip: bookmark any pages on our site that your find useful or that you want to come back to later.

Now send some help our way! If we missed your question in the FAQ or you are still fuzzy on how to begin learning with Saylor Academy, please let us know.