Making Education Accessible for All

Saylor Academy is a mission-driven organization committed to removing barriers to higher education and career skills. We aim to make education accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Saylor Academy partners with colleges/universities, governments, NGOs, employers, and others who are trying to make a difference by offering access to education.

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Colleges and Universities can support student success, retention, and recruitment by guaranteeing college credit for students who pass Saylor Academy’s credit-recommended exams. Studies show that students who are able to transfer credits as part of a prior learning credit or credit by exam program are more likely to graduate and take more credits at their destination school. Our courses are high-quality and have been created and peer-reviewed by university and college professors, who have teaching experience as well as academic expertise. Due to our commitment to academic rigor, we have many courses recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and the National College Credit Recommendation Service. Our fully accredited College/University Partners include community colleges, universities, and public and private institutions from around the world that accept some or all of our recommended courses.


Some of our College/University partners include:
  • A flagship public research university uses Saylor Academy courses to help “stopped out” students return and earn their degrees, without additional debt [Learn more about University of Memphis and Project Finish Line]
  • A management and hospitality-focused university, based in Senegal, offers our courses as part of a global curriculum [Learn more about Groupe ESTEL]

Our courses help employees upskill or continue professional development for free.  Employees can earn a certificate from any Saylor Academy course, and can use select courses to earn university credit for a future degree program.
Saylor Academy courses help employers as well, as we can complement an existing training and professional development program, or boost the impact of any continuing education/tuition support program offered to employees. Government/Workforce Development Initiatives can offer Saylor Academy courses to citizens to help them upskill for free or very low cost.


Some of the employers using Saylor Academy courses include:

Advance your mission by using our courses to create career readiness, professional development, and college/university credit opportunities for staff, constituents and students. Save your budget by building curriculum using our free courses.


Some of our nonprofit partners include:

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Our free courses lead to career readiness, college/university degree completion, and professional development. If you have an idea for how we can join forces, especially if you think your organization is a fit for one of the models above, please contact us below.

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